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Handsome Samson

Ever wonder why Bluto lost in all the cartoons (besides the fact that Popeye was the star)?  Well, this page will tell you.


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Bluto (or the other guy in the Popeye cartoons) reminds me of the biblical character of Samson, a gifted man with so much potential who let his passions rule him.  Because he was selfish and couldn't control himself, he botched up his life and came to a tragic end.

   Many Popeye cartoons could have ended differently, with Bluto winning Olive Oyl.  She either preferred him or had been convinced (or tricked) by him that he was the better choice.  But then, Bluto's volatile nature would surface and one or more of the following things would happen:

1. His lust would get the better of him and he'd impatiently cut off the wooing in order to move immediately to "making out".


2. He would be so irritated with Popeye that he would go crazy in front of Olive Oyl and get too violent with The Sailorman.  She wouldn't want anything to do with him after that and would try to get away.


3. Olive would act hesitant, thoughtful, or standoffish and his temper would flare and he'd get violent with her.


4. Olive's idea about what the next step in their physical relationship should be wouldn't match his and he would become instantly frustrated, trying to either force himself on her, or taking out his anger on her.



Just as Samson never seemed to get it (Why did he think Delilah was asking him all those questions for anyway?), so Bluto never seemed to understand that women want to be treasured and respected, to be prized, but not treated as possessions to be used as one pleases.  They don't want to be enslaved.  To a woman, there's a difference between romance and sex.  To guys, the two are interchangeable.  Once the romance ends, the woman isn't interested in sex, whereas too many guys see romance only as a tool to get sex.  And certainly a woman wants to feel that a man appreciates her as a person and isn't only viewing her as his latest conquest or as a fun way for him to kill an evening.

In other words, for Bluto to give Ms. Oyl the command, "Start sizzling, Sister!" as he did in Klondike Casanova is self-defeating.

Ironically, in many cartoons, Bluto acts as though he knows all these things earlier in the cartoon, but later his passions have taken over and he's forgotten the things that were making Olive Oyl his in the first place.



Films Where Bluto (Or The Other Guy) Could Have Easily Ended Up With Olive Oyl If He Wasn't So "Bluto" During, Or At The End Of, The Picture


Tops In The Big Top

Klondike Casanova

The Fistic Mystic

The Island Fling

Abusement Park

I'll Be Skiing You

The Royal Four-Flusher

All's Fair At The Fair

A Wolf In Sheik's Clothing

Snow Place Like Home

Symphony In Spinach

Beach Peach

Jitterbug Jive

Quick On The Vigor

Vacation With Play

Alpine For You


Mister And Mistletoe

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