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The Top Ten Reasons 
Why Bluto Is An Idiot

In The Famous Studios'

In addition to what I've said in the Handsome Samson page, here's further proof that Bluto's elevator doesn't go all the way up to the top floor.


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1. He leaves Olive Oyl at the altar!!!  In Nearly Weds, he runs away in the middle of taking his vows because a Justice Of The Peace, who looks suspiciously like Popeye, scares him by making him promise all kinds of things that were never part of any marriage ceremony before.  To make things worse, Bluto should have expected Popeye to retaliate somehow after what Bluto did to him earlier in the cartoon. 

 Bluto could have been honeymooning with a willing Olive Oyll!   Instead, he heads for the hills!

What an idiot!!!


2. Pierre throws Olive Oyl over for Popeye who's disguised as a woman (Popeye And The Pirates).  And a very ugly, Popeye-looking woman to boot!!!
What an idiot!!!


3.  In Parlez-Vous Woo, Bluto just stands there watching while Popeye chows down on spinach.  Bluto is even holding the spinach can above Popeye's head suspended by a sword.  Yet, when the green stuff starts dropping out of the hole in the can and Popeye positions himself under it, 

Bluto never throws the can and sword away or even moves a muscle. 
What an idiot!!!


4. Evidently, as shown in Cookin' With Gags, Bluto can easily take Popeye's spinach away from him without him even knowing it.  So why doesn't Bluto do this more often? 
Because he's an idiot!!!


5. At the end of A Job For A Gob, Bluto, having lost both the girl and the job, begins torching Olive Oyl's ranch.  Why?  For what purpose?  Does he think Olive's suddenly going to feel favorable toward him because he's burning down her spread?  Granted that he's always been vengeful and ornery, but
he's also an idiot!!!


6. In A Wolf In Sheik's Clothing, the sheik has Olive alone with no Popeye in sight.  She's gleefully plunked down a huge stack of money at his kissing booth.  She's puckered up and waiting.  He puckers up and moves towards her.  He gives her a big kiss right on - HER FOREHEAD???  What an idiot!  (He does redeem himself somewhat when he gets her in his palatial tent and leans her back in his arms for a kiss on the lips, but by then, of course, Popeye has caught up to them and interrupts.) 



Likewise in A Balmy Swami, Bluto the hypnotist has Olive all alone.  There's no possible way they can be interrupted.  Bluto wants to bring Olive out of her sleepwalking trance and so he announces that he shall "awaken the miss with a kiss."  He then plants one right on - HER CHEEK???  What an idiot!  Why do these guys keep missing Olive's lips?   Actually, I know the reason.  In some cartoons, a kiss on the lips symbolizes winning Olive, or the start of a long term relationship, or even sex itself.  So, of course, no one but Popeye can ever get one. 
But it still looks idiotic!!!


7. Bluto lets Popeye know that he's the one responsible for our hero's troubles in Fright To The Finish and I Don't Scare.  I guess Bluto just can't resist bragging.  But then, of course, Popeye gets his revenge.  Uh, duh, Bluto, what did you think would happen? 

What an idiot!!!


8. Bluto and his dad pick a fight with Poopdeck Pappy and son in Baby Wants A Bottle...

...and Bluto and his dog pick one with Popeye and Frenchy in Barking Dogs Don't Fite. For no other reason than that they are mean and feel like bullying someone around.  Aside from the fact that this isn't proper motivation to do anything,...

...don't they know what happens to those who choose to fight Popeye, his family and pals? 
What an idiot!!!


9. Bluto is alone with an amorous Olive Oyl rowing on the river (Cookin' With Gags).  But instead of whispering sweet nothings to her or singing to her, he talks about what a sap Popeye was for falling for the April Fool gags.  Yeah, that's always what I used to do when I was out on a date with a girl who was feeling romantic - talk about other guys - NOT!!!

And then, Bluto believes a sea serpent is chasing them.  But hadn't he, in effect, thrown down the tricking gauntlet in front of Popeye? 
What an idiot!!!


10. Bluto competes with Popeye for Wimpy's patronage in both Penny Antics and Spree Lunch.  Let me repeat that in case you missed the irony.  Bluto competes for WIMPY'S PATRONAGE!!!!  Since when did Wimpy ever pay for anything? 
What an idiot!!!


Honorable (Or Should That Be Dishonorable) Mention:

Popeye's Twentieth Anniversary - Bluto attends a testimonial dinner for Popeye and then complains because Popeye's getting all the glory.  Earth to Bluto, that's what testimonial dinners are for.  And Popeye is merely showing clips from old cartoons.  It's not like he's relating things that aren't already public knowledge.  But then Bluto commits the ultimate act of stupidity.  He crams a loving cup full of spinach down on Popeye's head. 

What an idiot!!!

Too Weak To Work - Bluto believes that a badly disguised Popeye is a nurse and lets the sailor in drag do horrible things to him.
What an idiot!!!






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