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Here are some lists featuring Bluto and the other guys from the Famous Studios' cartoons. 

And, no, I'm not talking about

"Most Wanted" lists.

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The Top Female Reactions To Bluto

Lucky In Love - Introduction

Lucky in Love - Parts A-C

Lucky in Love - Part D

Lucky In Love - Part E


Lucky in Love - Part F




Most of the time, Bluto is an entertaining cartoon villain.  But, sometimes Bluto does things that are so creepy, even I can't stand them.  Once in a while, his villainy is too close to horrendous things that happen in real life.  And in a few cartoons, there seems to be no real purpose behind what Bluto is up to.  It's all madness and no method.  Most of the time, Bluto is trying to accomplish something - win Olive Oyl, get a kiss from her, get her to change her mind, win a contest, slough off work, get hired for a job, save his own skin, etc.  But in some cartoons, he was just evil for the sake of being evil.  And that can be unsettling and unpleasant to watch.  Here are the cartoons where Bluto is just plain mean and ornery in chronological order:


She-Sick Sailors

For some reason, Bluto ties Olive to the railroad track.  That ought to endear him to her, right?  And this is after he machine-guns Popeye!

Barking Dogs Don't Fight

Bully Bluto and his bulldog make fun of, and pick on, Popeye and Olive's French poodle for no reason.  Then they try to kill them!

How Green Is My Spinach

Bluto beats the tar out of a weakened, helpless Popeye.

Friend Or Phony

Bluto's objective in this cartoon seems just to be to murder Popeye.

Baby Wants A Battle

Baby Bluto and his dad get their kicks out of beating up baby Popeye and Poopdeck Pappy.  Bluto's dad encourages him to be cruel.  Like father, like son, I guess.

Cookin' With Gags

Bluto plays prank after dangerous prank on Popeye while his partner in cruelty for this cartoon, Olive Oyl, laughs.

A Job For A Gob

Bluto has already lost both the girl and the job, but he proceeds to sabotage her ranch and set fire to it in plain view of Olive Oyl and Popeye.

A Haul In One

Bluto has lost the girl again and has been totally shown up by Popeye, so he takes his frustration out on our hero.

The Crystal Brawl

Bluto chasing Olive Oyl with a look of pure ferocious anger on his face is a scary thing to behold.  It doesn't seem like he's going to try to kiss her in this cartoon, but rather to beat her up or something!


The Top Female Reactions To Bluto


In the interest of fair play and equal time, since I've already posted The Top 20 Male (Wolf) Reactions To Olive Oyl, here are how the ladies initially react to Bluto.  In some ways, Olive enjoying the big guy's flirtations and returning the attention could be considered a "reaction," but here I'm going for the more "Tex Averyish" stuff.  These are in no particular order.


Meets Hercules

When Herc enters the arena, all the ladies swoon and faint while gushing, "Ahhhooo!  Oh Bar-uh-thur!  Oooo!  What a man!"  Olive says, "Hubba! Hubba! Ooooo! He bends me!" as she drapes her weakened form impossibly over a couple rows of the stadium's seats.  Then she springs up and points like an Irish setter toward him.  A moment later she enthuses, "Oh, Herc!  You're just too too!" and her heart literally goes out to him and gives him a flirty wink.

A Balmy Swami

A bored Olive Oyl at a variety show suddenly comes to life when "The Magical Hypnotist" is introduced.  She cheers, whistles, waves, and clicks her feet together while suspended in the air.  She yells, "Yay!  Yippee!" and then gasps and dreamily affirms, "Love that man!"

Vous Woo

When "The International" appears at her door, Olive gasps and then says breathlessly, "Oh, it's the International!"  Her eyes widen, her eyeballs bang around inside her head.  Her hair goes straight out with a "Boing" sound.  Olive's mouth hangs open in amazed, rapturous delight.  She then tries to compose herself.  "Oh, wah-uh, (giggles) do come in!"  She puts her hands together coyly giving herself a little hug.

Shape Ahoy

Olive lets out a "Beatles concert" shriek and lays at Frank Sinatra's feet in a.r.d (see previous entry) while she swoons.

All's Fair At The Fair

While Popeye is waxing ecstatic about a bull, Olive isn't paying any attention.  She's looking at Bluto.  She rests her head dreamily on her hands and then says, "Hubba! Hubba! Woo! What a physical phenomenon (or something close to it)! Mmmm! That's my meat!"  She promptly leaves The Sailorman to flirt with Bluto using her eyes.

A Wolf In Sheik's Clothing

When Olive sees the sign on the sheik's kissing booth, she swoons, "Oh, bar-uh-ther! Hubba, hubba, hubba, hubba!"  She quickly takes out what looks like her life's savings and puckers up.  After the sheik kisses her forehead (see the Why Bluto Is An Idiot page), she leaps up in the air chanting, "Look at me!  I'm a lovebird!  I'm a lovebird!"

Beach Peach

As the lifeguard poses for Olive, she gushes, "Ooooo, what a unique physique!"  She then leans toward him.  Her eyes widen and her mouth hangs open in a.r.d.

Safari So Good

Olive gives "Tarzan" a once over with her camera.  She wolf whistles and gasps, "So big and strong!  And I just adore that sarong!"  She gives him the once over for a second time and then touches his bicep purring, "Hmmm."  Then she taps it and when it sounds like iron she lets out, "Hubba, hubba, hubba!"

Quick On The Vigor

When Olive turns away from Popeye to see strongman Bluto, her eyes get real wide, her smiling mouth opens and then she says, "Bar-uh-ther, (gasps) what a mess of muscle!"  She makes a delighted, self-hugging gesture.

Rodeo Romeo

Olive cheers, "Hurray for Bluto!"  Her cowboy hat flies off her head and her neck stretches up as she does so.  She then flirts with him and then cheers some more, leaping way up into the air, oblivious to danger and starting to yell, "Yaaah...," before she almost lands on a cactus.  A disgusted Popeye catches her by her nose.


Olive sees the matador and sighs while putting her hands together in a huggy, dreamy fashion, "Ooooh, Popeye, ain't he a dreamboat?"  (By the way, would you say this about another guy to your date?)

Hysterical Man

Olive looks at the caveman in a.r.d. and squeals, "Oooo, a real human caveman!"  Then she instantly strikes a flirty pose.  When he clubs her (his idea of courting!), she forms hearts with her arms and legs and says, "Isn't he wonderful?"  Then she leans toward him.

Abusement Park

When Olive is introduced to Bluto, she giggles demurely and then after he does his stunt she says, "Oh, you handsome Samson!"  She then gives herself a dreamy hug and strikes a flirty pose.

Tops In The Big Top

When Bluto reveals his acrobat outfit, Olive gasps, "Bluto, mmm, you're such a handsome monstrosity!"  Then she leans way toward him, inside his arms.

Vacation With Play

All the pretty ladies are striking provocative poses poolside in order to attract instructor Bluto's attention.  Doe-eyed Olive succeeds.

The Anvil Chorus Girl

After Bluto introduces himself and makes a muscle, Olive Oyl smiles, hits it, and when it makes an iron sound, she gazes at him in a.r.d.

The Fistic Mystic

Olive swoons and describes the mystic as, "Ooooo, a salami Swami!"  (He had just turned sausage links back into a pig.)

Snow Place Like Home

When Olive sees what Pierre's lustful gaze is accomplishing, her smiling mouth is wide open in a.r.d.

She-Sick Sailors

When "The Man Of Steel" crashes through her window, Olive takes a deep breath, sighs, and lets out a sexy, "Superman!"  She looks at him in a.r.d.

Popeye And The Pirates

Olive's mouth is open in a.r.d. as Pierre hooks the ship, reels it in, and brings her aboard.

Mister And Mistletoe

"Saint Nick" is greeted by a smiling Olive Oyl with, "Oooo, it's Santa Claus!"  She keeps smiling as he immediately puts his arm around her with a, "Merry Christmas, Babe!  Er...I mean Miss!"





Lucky In Love

Section I. Introduction

"I'm in the mood for love, 
simply because 
you're near me."
  - Bluto (singing)


"I'm just butter in his hands!" 
- Olive Oyl

Popeye's rivals in the Famous Studios cartoons were often quite the Ladies Men and quite effectively charmed the charming Ms. Oyl and other women as well - at least until the end of the stories.  In my “Scoreboard of Love,” I list their romantic escapades and record the totals of each type of encounter.

To go straight to the "Scoreboard Of Love, click here.  

To read explanations of how I came up with my totals and for caveats, keep scrolling down to Section II.


Section II: Explanations, Justifications, Rationalizations

Judge Wimpy: Have you anything to say before I pronounce sentence?

Popeye: Yes, Yer Honor, I has a lots to say!

It's hard to judge and label the Popeye cartoons in attempting to compile a list like “The Scoreboard of Love.”  But here's how I did it:

 - All scenes/incidents/story developments recorded here feature a willing Olive Oyl (or other girl).  I'm interested in true romance and the mysterious ways of the heart between a man and a woman who are mutually consenting, mutually attracted, and mutually enjoying themselves.  I've not recorded the times when guys forced themselves and/or their ways on Ms. Oyl.  That's bullying, not, as Mr. Crusoe put it, "L'amour! L'amour!"  I'm interested here in embraces, not wrestling matches, the thrill and skill of the merry chase, not the panicked flight for someone's life, and the work of "Cupid," not "Satan."

  - When Bluto is portrayed in a cartoon as someone who has an on-going relationship with Olive Oyl and/or a longstanding rivalry, friendship, or partnership with Popeye, I call the character Bluto on this scoreboard.  When Bluto is used by the creators in the role of someone who is just meeting Popeye and Olive and falling for Ms. Oyl, I call that character by what he is in the cartoon (ex. the Count, the athletics instructor, the fakir), because I, and many fans, consider those characters to be different than Bluto.  When Bluto is Bluto the sailor who is disguising himself in the cartoon to become Olive's fantasy figure and woo her, I call him by the name of the guy he's pretending to be and put it in quotes (ex. "Santa Claus"), because from Olive's perspective, as she's being wooed, Bluto really is the guy he's pretending to be.  When a male character isn't connected with Bluto at all, I've put an asterisk in back of his name.

- I've eliminated re-used footage from earlier films that pad out the "cheater cartoons" on the grounds that what it shows us has already happened.  Also, the cheater cartoons seem to exist out of continuity with the rest of the toons in their own universe or universes somewhere.

- It's hard to know when something should be included in more than one category.  For instance, does the sheik's taking Olive to his tent to be his bride constitute a date, or should it just be counted as a marriage proposal/ceremony since that's what it mainly is?  I just used my best judgment on these matters.  Please don't hurt me!

- I tried to differentiate between subtle differences when I though they were important, and lump them all together in one category when I thought they weren't.  For example, I believe there's a real difference between a guy having his arms around Olive and having Olive in his arms.  But there's not all that much difference between a guy putting his arm around Olive or putting his arm in back of her as they sit together on a couch, especially since, in the context of each film, the guy would have certainly embraced her had Popeye not interfered.  The couple was always moving in that direction.







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