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The Other Blutoes

Bluto has been around for many decades, and dozens of creators have given us their interpretation of the character.  On this page, you'll find descriptions of the other incarnations of Popeye's nemesis.


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     "Bluto The Terrible" appeared in only one tale by The Master, "The Eighth Sea."  And believe it or not, it had nothing to do with winning Olive Oyl. 


     Bluto was a mean, evil, super tough pirate who gave Popeye a fight to remember and caused our hero to have to use his potentially fatal "Twisker Sock."


Fleischer Brothers

     Bluto's earliest appearances in animated cartoons portrayed him as a rough, gruff, mean bully. He relied more on physical strength than on guile. 

     Later, his appearance, voice, and mannerisms began to be softened a little.  Eventually, he became almost jovial, as he was in the earliest W.W.II era Famous Studios' cartoons.  As Popeye did in the Fleischer toons, Bluto would often mutter to himself.



Bluto was called Brutus in these cartoons and was more of a slob.  He obviously had quit his membership in the health club and was flabbier than he had been in the Famous Studios' toons.  He also had a meaner, darker visage. Oh, occasionally he could be charming, but more often was loud and overbearing.  He was still diabolically clever, though.




The Movie Musical


Bluto was an unmemorable, unpleasant character.





Bluto had a dumb sounding voice and certainly wasn't handsome.  He never seemed like he should have been as much a threat to Popeye as he was.





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