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Pop Quiz One

Pop Quiz Two

Pop Quiz Three

Pop Quiz Four

Pop Quiz Five



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Bluto's Pop Quiz One

Theme: Bluto's (or another guy's) pick-up/pitching woo lines.

Name the cartoons 
the following lines are from:

1. "My little cactus, stick with me.  Riches and love I'll give to thee."

2. "Vous est tres jolie, Mademoiselle!  Bon jour."

3. "You remind me of a giraffe - you'd make such swell neckin'"

4. "My weakness is a pretty face."

5. "Ah, c'mon, let's make this a hot picture, Babe, and burn up the camera.  Give us a kiss!"

6. "Now that we're alone, Gorgeous, how about getting amorouso with this virtuoso with a kissamo?"

7. "C'mon, Gorgeous, I'll teach you to be the hottest skater on ice."

8. "It's a pleasure to meet a beautiful doll like you, Babe."

9. "Ah, My Little Sugar, come have tea in my teepee."

10. "I'll show you how to improve your stroke, Babyface."

a.) Beach Peach

b.) Vacation With Play

c.) Popeye And The Pirates

d.) Beaus Will Be Beaus

Is That Your Final Answer?
Check the answers posted below!!



Answers To:

Bluto's Pop Quiz One

1. The Fistic Mystic.

2. Popeye And The Pirates.

3. Pitchin' Woo At The Zoo.

4. Quick On The Vigor.

5. Abusement Park.

6. Symphony In Spinach.

7. I'll Be Skiing You.

8. A Haul In One.

9. Wigwam Whoopee.

10. (d.) Beaus Will Be Beaus.

AND...We had a WINNER!!! Congratulations to Richard Ranke!!!  And the form of Richard's answers was so unique and so much fun that I wanted to post it:

Just for fun, I'll include other quotes from the cartoons you have on your quiz - from the exact cartoons.

1. "Ah,my little desert flower. I am the great Bushwah!"

2. "Be my mate, little one, and I will shower you with jewels."

3. "What a feminine female!"

4. "You've won me heart, Babe!"

5. "Stop actin' an' let's have some action."

6. "You an' I could make beautiful music together, Babe."

7. "Let a good skate teach you to skate!"

8. "Watch this, Babe!"

9. "Aaaah,my Pocahontas...You send me."

10. "How about a shore dinner, Gorgeous?"

       (D is my final answer, Regis!)

Thanks Richard!!


Bluto's Pop Quiz Two

Theme: Bluto's punishments.

Name the cartoons where Bluto 
(or another villain):

1. Is left roasting on a pitchfork over a fire pit.

2. Gets the job he wanted, but loses the girl.

3. Ends up in a trash basket after being clobbered by Olive Oyl.

4. Is encased in a water cooler bottle.

5. Is locked with Popeye in the back of a dog catcher's truck.

6. Has the words "The End" branded into the seat of his pants.

7. Is left in a make-shift playpen, wearing baby clothes and crying.

8. Gets trapped in a hay bale.

9. Is punched down into the size of a midget by Popeye.

10. Has the tattoo on his chest sunk.


Answers To:

Bluto's Pop Quiz Two

1. The Crystal Brawl.

2. Anvil Chorus Girl.

3. Beaus Will Be Beaus.

4. Tops In The Big Top.

5. For Better Or Worse.

6. Rodeo Romeo.

7. Tar With A Star.

8. All's Fair At The Fair.

9. Popeye Meets Hercules.

10. Beach Peach.


Bluto's Pop Quiz Three

Theme: Clean-shaven men.

Answer these questions about Popeye's beardless enemies.

1. Who raced against Popeye in Double-Cross Country Race?

2. Name two cartoons where the villain is seen shaving or getting a shave in order to get ready for a date with Olive Oyl

3. What's the pirate captain's name in Popeye And The Pirates?

4. What does the lifeguard have tattooed on his chest in Beach Peach?

5. During what cartoon does a clean-shaven Bluto make Olive swoon at the piano?

6. What does the bank robber say about Olive Oyl in Cops Is Tops?

7. Who Is Olive Oyl's favorite romantic TV star that she hopes to get a date with? 

8. What did Chief Shmohawk first try to do to Popeye? 

9. What was the cannibal chief chasing at the end of Pop-Pie A La Mode?

10. Did the hulking scofflaw swimmer say anything to Popeye in Cops Is Tops?


Answers To:

Bluto's Pop Quiz Three

1. Count Noah Count.

2. Snow Place Like Home, Shaving Muggs.

3. Pierre

4. A battleship.

5. Jitterbug Jive.

6. "What a doll!" 

7. The International. 

8. Scalp him using a golf club-like thing.

9. A shark. 

10. Nope.




Bluto's Pop Quiz Four

Theme: Bluto the body builder.


1. Name the two cartoons in which Olive Oyl taps on Bluto's iron hard bicep.

2. In which cartoon does even Bluto's muscular arm have additional muscles of its own? 

3. What does the carnival strong man do to prove to Olive that she's won his heart?

4. In which cartoon does Bluto out-do exercise instructor Popeye?

5. What does Bluto do that causes Olive Oyl to call him a "handsome Samson?"

6. In which cartoon does Olive say, "Bluto, you're such a handsome monstrosity?"

7. What do Hercules' two assistants do?

8. What do the muscles on the lifeguard's arms form in order to impress Olive Oyl?

9. Besides Beach Peach, name three other cartoons in which Popeye's enemy wears a swimsuit. 

10. In which cartoon does Olive think Bluto is a "physical phenomenon," even though she mispronounces it? 


Answers To:

Bluto's Pop Quiz Four


1. The Anvil Chorus Girl, Safari So Good.

2. How Green Is My Spinach.

3. Bends a girder into the shape of a heart.

4. Gym Jam.

5. Rings the bell at one of those carnival, "swing the mallet and ring the bell" test of strength things.

6. Tops In The Big Top.

7. Take Hercules' warm-up robe off.

8. A bowling ball and bowling pins.  Then, the ball knocks over the pins.

9. Beaus Will Be Beaus, Swimmer Take All, Snow Place Like Home - Pierre at the end of the cartoon.

10. All's Fair At The Fair.




Bluto's Pop Quiz Five

Theme: Evil in disguise.

Answer these questions about cartoons that featured a disguised Bluto.


1. Who does Bluto disguise himself as in She-Sick Sailors?

2. How does Bluto make it seem that he stops a train in that cartoon?

3. In what cartoon does Bluto disguise himself as a Mae West sounding woman?

4. How does "Santa" Bluto greet Olive Oyl in Mister And Mistletoe?

5. What's "Santa" Bluto reciting to Olive Oyl as they start to snuggle on the couch?

6. When Bluto first comes up with his scheme to impersonate The International, what does his face sort of morph into?

7. Where is "The International" intending to take Olive when Popeye interrupts?

8. In which cartoon does Bluto imitate Popeye's voice to successfully get a kiss from Olive?

9. Where does "The International" wind up at the end of the cartoon?

10. How does Olive Oyl find out that "Santa" is a fake?


Answers To:

Bluto's Pop Quiz Five


1. Superman

2. He positions himself on the tracks in front of the train station where the train is coming to a halt to let off passengers.

3. Gym Jam

4. Puts his arm around her and says, "Merry Christmas, Babe...(coughs) uh, Miss."

5. "Twas The Night Before Christmas"

6. A devil.

7. For a stroll in the moonlight.

8. Puppet Love

9. In the television set.

10. A candle on the tree burns off his beard.





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