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My Role Model

Looking for a role model besides Charles Barkley?  Why not do what I do and imitate Bluto?


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As a pastor, maybe I shouldn't admit this, but there have been many times in my life when I imitated Bluto, or found myself thinking of him as I was in particular situations, or applied positive lessons and insights I gained from him.

Yes, I did say POSITIVE lessons and insights!  True, you can learn what not to do by watching Bluto and the other guys (see the Handsome Samson, Why Bluto Is An Idiot, and Popeye's Worst Nightmare pages), but they actually have some redeeming qualities in certain areas that one would do well to copy.


Olive Oyl, like all women, wants to be wooed, not bossed.  When the guys remember this, they start to win her.  Also, Bluto and the others are very attentive to Olive.  Popeye is often losing Olive because his attention seems to wander and he focuses on the cool stunts he's doing, or on something happening near him, etc.  The other guys concentrate on their goal and go for it.  Popeye also often seems set on what HE wants to do and what HE thinks is fun.  Bluto and the other guys are more willing to share Olive's interests and to make sure she is having a good time.  (Men, don't MAKE your dates go to Monster Truck Rallies!) 
And the guys in the cartoons don't buy into the "Real men never show their feelings" philosophy that causes so many wives to show up in my counseling room complaining, "He never tells me anything!"  Instead, the cartoon males are as transparent as glass when it comes to Olive Oyl.  I let my wife know what's on my mind and make sure I tell her I love her and appreciate her often.  Bluto and the guys also showed me that passion can be glorious and, in the proper context, you should let yourself get swept away in it.  (Actually, the biblical book The Song Of Solomon a.k.a. The Song Of Songs, said it first.)  And when it comes to physical displays/expressions of affection, Bluto and the guys showed me, at their best minus the self-centeredness, bullying, etc., that women respond to creativity, determination, and a mixture of strength and tenderness.  And yes, strong men can be tender!


Monogamy and Faithfulness


I can hear you all choking and saying, "Monogamy? Faithfulness? Bluto?"  While it's true that Bluto and the other guys are the poster boys for "Instant Gratification" and "No date is successful if it doesn't end in a make-out session," for the most part, I always viewed them as pushing a relationship along faster than was proper, but it was a relationship they were pursuing, not just a one night stand.  Other long-time viewers of the cartoons have told me that they felt the same thing.  Part of this might be due to the fact that our brains were trying to make sense of the tension we felt while watching the cartoons. If a guy is just going to spend an evening flirting or necking with Olive, what's the big deal?  However, if the guy wants to win Olive's heart and is taking her away from Popeye - Yipes!!! But part of it is in the cartoons themselves.  Pierre, the pirate captain (Popeye And The Pirates) and the sheik (A Wolf In Sheik's Clothing) propose marriage to her. Mr. Crusoe and the cave man obviously want mates (The Island Fling, Pre-Hysterical Man).  The fakir tells Olive to "stick with him" (The Fistic Mystic), as does the zookeeper (Pitchin' Woo At The Zoo).  Bluto proposes to Olive Oyl and takes her to the Justice Of The Peace in Nearly Weds.  Speaking of Bluto, in many cartoons, he, Popeye, and Olive Oyl are depicted as living in the same town and knowing each other well, being involved in an on-going love triangle.  Bluto keeps trying to win Olive.  He doesn't give up and go find another girl.  In his own crude and imperfect way, he loves her!  Following the example of the cartoons (and the Bible and the married couples I grew up with), I always believed that physical affection was to be reserved for relationships, and that a goal in life was to find a wife, not to see how many girls one could "have" or string along.


Human Relations

The villains nearly always get further using thought, planning, and psychology than they do using force.  And anyone who thinks a pastor doesn't need to play politics and can just command and demand has obviously never served on any church committee. To get a church moving in the direction I think it should go, I have to exhort, cajole, compliment, enter the other people's world and share their dreams, and show them that I can help them fulfill their dreams (much like the guys do when they are successfully wooing Olive Oyl before the climax of the cartoons).


Self Image/


Bluto, Pierre, the lifeguard, etc. are all big guys, but often they are quite attractive.  This is good news for me because I'm a big guy.  Their attractiveness has as much to do with their attitude, bearing, enthusiasm, and attentiveness as it has to do with their looks.  And regarding their looks, I've often been inspired to go back to the gym thinking, "I want to look more like Bluto, or The Hulk, or Thor."  And I have the genetic body type that responds well to weight training and weight lifting.






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