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      My "Groovy" Room in the '70's

In my rooms at home and at college, 
you'd find:


  • My American flag sweat shirt.


  • A black-Light poster of Jesus walking on water.   If you were in The Jesus Movement, you  probably know which one I mean.  (For more on my beliefs, see my Beliefs page!)


  • A poster of Thor and my Thor's hammer that my roommate made me.


  • Plastic figures of  Marvel and DC heroes.


  • A collection of 7-11 Slurpy cups featuring the Marvel characters.  My roommate and I even had the coveted Red Sonya, Howard The Duck, and Ben Grimm  ones!


  • Lots of comic books (For my reviews of current comics and more on the Marvel and DC universes, see my Comics page!).


  • A "Watergate Bug" - a crazy little insect figure wearing headphones and bobbing up and  down on a spring.


  • Several posters of Lynda Carter and Jacqueline Smith.


  • My leather jacket and sun glasses I used in our golden-oldies revival band, The What  Four (for more on them, see my Oldies page!).


  • A picture of Clint Eastwood as The Outlaw Josie Wales, and later, my hamster with the  same name (See my reviews of more recent movies on my Movies page!).


  • Creedance Clearwater Revival, Bob Dylan, Linda Ronstadt, Kansas, Heart, Sha Na Na,  Larry Norman, James Bond soundtracks, or Oldies Collections playing on my stereo.


  • Copies of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, the complete Chronicles Of Narnia, C.S. Lewis'  Space Trilogy and his Till We Have Faces and nearly all of his non-fiction works, almost  anything by Kurt Vonnegut, and Stranger In A Strange Land.  (For reviews of more recent readings, see my Novel page and my Christian Books page.)


  • The cool cap gun I used when my roommate and I were Starsky and Hutch (I was  Starsky) in our running campus battle with two co-eds with whom we had a prank  war/"role-playing game before there were any role-playing games" going on. It culminated  in a dramatic special effects-laden shoot out in the cafeteria with a cast of thousands!  :-))


  • All sorts of Budman (the original version) T-shirts, posters, etc.


  • A collection of buttons, including one that exhorted "Nixon Now!" and one with local  celebrity Eddie Meath and Sylvester The Cat declaring me a member of the WHEC kid's  club.


  • The hockey puck I was hit with at a Rochester Americans' hockey game. 



STILL The Budman!!!













Taken in concert with

the What Four,

at Homecoming 1998,

Roberts-Wesleyan College,

Chili, NY.


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