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How Guys Initially Lost Their Chances With Olive Oyl

Here's what not to do when courting.

There usually comes a point in each cartoon where Olive clearly begins to side with Popeye, or when something happens to shake up his romantic rivals' best laid plans. 

I have come up with categories to put these moments in and have listed the appropriate films under each category. 

Remember, I'm dealing with what happened to first turn Olive's heart back to our hero. 

So, for example, even though in A Wolf In Sheik's Clothing, Olive is upset by what the sheik does to Popeye, she had  been willing to walk away with the sailor earlier in the cartoon when he outclassed the Arabian. 

It is the earlier occurrence I'm concerned with here.


What happened to FIRST turn Olive's heart back to Popeye?

Cause #1. Popeye Played A Trick

Puppet Love

Popeye And The Pirates

Fright To The Finish

Cookin' With Gags

Beaus Will Be Beaus

I Don't Scare

Nearly Weds


The Crystal Brawl

Cause #2.  Accident/Force Of Nature/Disaster/Outside Interference/Misunderstanding

Pitchin' Woo At The Zoo

For Better Or Nurse

Mess Production

Lumberjack And Jill


A Balmy Swami

Cause #3.  Matched, Or Outdone, Or Outclassed By Popeye In Olive's Eyes

We're On Our Way To Rio

Anvil Chorus Girl

Rodeo Romeo

The Fistic Mystic

Wotta Knight

Safari So Good

Wigwam Whoopee

Pre-Hysterical Man

Popeye Meets Hercules

A Wolf In Sheik's Clothing

Robin-Hood Winked

Silly Hillbilly

Farmer And The Belle

A Job For A Gob

Ancient Fistory


Nurse To Meet Ya

A Haul In One

Cause #4.  Getting Too Violent With Popeye In Front Of Olive

She-Sick Sailors

The Fistic Mystic

The Island Fling

Snow Place Like Home

Beach Peach

Mister And Mistletoe


Jitterbug Jive


Cause #5.  Outclassed By Another Guy Besides Popeye

Shape Ahoy


Shaving Muggs

Cause #6.  Trying To Get Too Physical, Or Coming On Too Strong, With Olive Oyl Too Soon

Klondike Casanova 

Abusement Park 

The Royal Four-Flusher

All's Fair At The Fair

Symphony In Spinach 

Quick On The Vigor

Vacation With Play 


Alpine For You 

Cause #7.  His Deception/Dirty Trick Uncovered By, Or In Front Of, Olive

I'll Be Skiing You

Lunch With A Punch

Parlez-Vous Woo

Cause #8.  He Did Shoddy Work

House Tricks

Service With A Guile

Floor Flusher


Fireman's Brawl




As Johnny Rivers sang in the classic golden-oldie, "A pretty face can hide an evil mind."  Attractive, rich, sophisticated, and talented members of the opposite sex don't necessarily have the morals to match their other attributes, or what it takes to build a lasting relationship.  Be careful who you give your heart to.  When Olive finds out what many of the guys she's been interested in are really like, she's horrified.  There are many users and abusers out there who only want to satisfy themselves - at your expense, if need be.

Intervention from Popeye or an outside source was all that prevented Olive from ending up with the wrong guy in some cartoons.  Have there been times in your life when friends, family, circumstances, or even God intervened and saved you from disastrous relationships or decisions?  Thank God for the interruption!  And I'm so glad that God continually shows me that He outclasses all the other "gods" which try to tempt me away from him.





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