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(This page explores films 14 up to 10)


#25. Alpine For You/The Crystal Brawl

#24. The Farmer And The Belle

#23.  Klondike Casanova

#22.  Mister And Mistletoe

#21.  Out To Punch

#20.  Beaus Will Be Beaus

#19.  Quick On The Vigor

#18.  Popeye Meets Hercules

#17.  A Balmy Swami

#16.  Private Eye Popeye

#15.  Snow Place Like Home

#14.  The Royal Four-Flusher

#13.  Nearly Weds

#12.  Wigwam Whoopee

#11.  A Wolf In Sheik's Clothing

#10.  Beach Peach

#9.  Jitterbug Jive

#8.  Olive Oyl For President

#7.  The Island Fling

#6.  Silly Hillbilly

#5.  Symphony In Spinach

#4.  Vacation With Play

#3.  Cops Is Tops

#2.  Mess Production

And The #1 "Beautiful Olive Oyl" Film...

#1.  Parlez Vous Woo





The cartoon begins as Popeye and a cartoony, but cute, Olive are feeding squirrels in the park.

But on their way to the zoo,

...another "animal" enters the picture, a wolfish, yet sophisticated, wealthy playboy.  He kisses the daylights out of a smitten Olive. 

She stops Popeye from belting him.

"Popeye, meet the Count!"



A cute-faced Olive with a swirling skirt enjoys lunch with the Count.

When Olive strolls away with the Count, they make quite a striking couple.  And Olive displays some curves.

While a cartoony, but shapely Olive looks on, the Count humiliates and dispatches Popeye...

...then invites the smitten Miss back to his place.

More curves up in the Count's penthouse.

Olive strikes a feminine pose and exhibits appealingly female mannerisms as she coos over the fur coat...


...and affects a subtle, high class fashion model walk as she tries it on... 

...until the Count's trap is sprung.

Voila!  Olive is bound in a straitjacket and the wolf moves in. 

"Help, Popeye!" 

Her face looks cute again when she's being rocked at the top of the pole...

...and when she finally lands in Popeye's arms.




In this cartoon, Olive receives marriage proposals from both Popeye and Bluto. As she looks back and forth between her suitors, trying to choose between them, before she does the eeny, meeny, miney bit with her nose, her face is lovely. 

In some of the frames, Olive is drawn slightly more "realistically" than usual.

Olive, ready for the big day, ala Carol Burnett's Scarlett O'Hara spoof, with a little something she saw hanging in the window.


The creators wanted Olive to be a beautiful bride.  She looks nice in many shots wearing her wedding dress, even having a figure.


A curvy Olive has Bluto for her Groom?!?!


Don't worry, though, Popeye will soon play a trick and Olive will be available again.




Every '40s and '50s starlet had a shower 

or bathing scene, it seems, so.... are two clips from Olive Oyl's.

While not drawn as well as she was a few frames ago, Olive's body was still given some definition by the creators as she shut off the waterfall and emerged.



There's something about darker skin which enhances brunette Olive Oyl's face.



Olive says of Popeye, 

"Mmm, Paleface heap hep!" 

(Remember that these cartoons weren't P.C.!)


 But male baby boomers said of Olive, "What a face!"


When the chief is contentedly dreaming about her, the smoke image that appears is quite pretty.


The tribe gets a new chief and the new chief gets Olive in his arms.




Olive has a cute face in many scenes of this cartoon...


...particularly as she's wishing for a desert romance and getting caught up in her fantasy
when meeting, and falling for, the sheik.



Once again, the "wardrobe department" dressed Olive well for this film.

She looks good in the safari pants...



...and quite fetching in the harem girl outfit, even displaying a figure.

The sheik goes to kiss her hand, which gives her goosebumps and us a close-up of her curves.


Olive is a pretty peacemaker and then she becomes a haughty beauty. 






Olive's face is hardly ever less than cute and often very pretty throughout this film,

.....and, in many frames, the creators have given her legs more definition than usual, well as seeing to it that she has curves and shapely hips in several shots.



When the lifeguard notices Olive and initially lets his eyeballs do the walking, 

...they trace a feminine figure.

A cute Olive is equally impressed with the lifeguard.


The lifeguard wants something tasty for lunch - and dessert!!

But we don't have to just take the lifeguard's eyeballs' word for it.  In the scene where Olive is mounting the rubber horse, watch carefully as she's still in the air before she lands. 

In a few frames, the artists have drawn her with a swimsuit model's figure. 

(Watch the scene in slow motion.) 


The girl-watching continues as a shapely Olive rides off with Popeye on "Seabiscuit."

The lifeguard, angry that he's losing Olive, comes up with a plan that frames Popeye for almost drowning her,

...gets The Sailorman out of the way, and enables him to be Ms. Oyl's savior. 


All of which leads to another scene, as in so many cartoons, which Olive is a pretty gusher/swooner....


Notice that Olive's legs get shapelier as the scene progresses (if you can ignore her big feet).







Horrified that the lifeguard cruelly disposed of Popeye and resisting him as he tries to take her away, Olive's features and body go through cartoony contortions, but the creators still emphasized her pretty face and her legs.


As the lifeguard speeds away in his boat with Olive Oyl, the creators once again give her a swimsuit model's curvy figure and nice legs in some frames.

Speaking of legs, Popeye uses Olive's to administer "artificial perspiration."


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