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(This page explores film #1)


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And The #1 "Beautiful Olive Oyl" Film...

#1.  Parlez Vous Woo







In this cartoon, a cute and vital Olive has planned for a swinging party, but Popeye shows up first with square dance music and his own ideas.

A stylized interpretation of Olive Oyl as she attempts to give Popeye the brush-off. 

Take a look at Olive as she and Bluto attempt to get the joint jumping!

Bluto's technique leaves Olive weak!

She moves her body to an imaginary beat as she urges Popeye, "Let's do something jivey!"


The creators used Olive's swinging and swaying to emphasize her figure.

Too bad Popeye is blindfolded and can't see her!


They also made sure she looked appealing when dancing with Bluto... her flirty motions and expressions during the routines...

...and at their finales. 

Bluto is finally about to get a cute-faced, wrapped-in-hotdogs Olive in his arms, though not exactly in the way he had in mind.

Thanks to spinach, Popeye also gets a chance to cut a rug with a cutie while dispatching Bluto at the same time.









Olive is bored by candidates' speeches, but her Famous Studios' looks and personality guarantee that viewers won't yawn. 


A wide-eyed, long-lashed, appealing Olive tells Popeye that a woman should be President...

...and does a hip-wiggling walk as she speculates, "Now, if I were president..."


But the cute, would-be candidate realizes
Popeye is mocking her.


So begins the musical "what if" sequence...

which leads to a "cowgirl" Olive...

... and an Olive convening Congress wearing a red, strapless evening gown.



Then, in a quick scene, she saunters across the room in the form-fitting gown.

Her movements are very life-like, leaving one to wonder if a roto-scope was used (tracing over a real person) or if this is just an example of expert animation.


Olive switches outfits in mid-stride while going behind a pillar,
as only a cartoon character can...

..emerging in an attractive pants suit that's tailored for her female form.

A joyous Olive blows the elephants and donkeys of Congress kisses.  Would it help George Bush (election year 2000) if he did that?



Olive has a comely face as she and Popeye wash ashore on Robinson Crusoe's island.

Her pretty face is emphasized (as it is throughout the film) in the scene where Crusoe warmly greets her as she adopts a flirty, yet coy, feminine stance.



Olive starts out the dinner wearing make-up...

...and her face gets progressively cuter as Crusoe pitches woo.




The creators gave her a sweet, naive look when she's alone with Crusoe on the couch...

...and at first she thinks he really did invite her there to look at his etchings.




But she turns on the doe-eyes when Crusoe gets her alone again, later in the film.

Some say Olive was always "flat as a board" and had a "stick figure," but the wood metaphors don't apply in this cartoon when she's tied to a log...








...or when she's getting off the island at the end of the cartoon while flirting with Popeye.

A far cry from what many people think of
when they think of Olive Oyl!










Olive's picture does a Marilyn Monroe "The Seven Year Itch" thing... a snoring and sound asleep Bluto blows her dress. 

Luckily, the picture can come to life...

...and find a thumbtack


Meanwhile the real thing sings and does chores, unconsciously showing off her shape and a little less of her pretty legs.



Popeye is smitten by a cute-faced Olive even before giving her a beauty treatment.

However, Olive still chooses The Sailorman, er, The Salesman, anyway.

Bluto whisks Popeye away.

However, he can't keep lovers apart. But happiness won't last.  Fortunately for the theme of this page, though,

...Olive looks good while fleeing from the nasty villain.


In fact, in this film, the creators made sure that Olive looked good in anything she wore, including a chandelier! 




In this cartoon, Olive has a pretty face, as well as other apparent endowments. 

Plus, she's wearing a fancy evening dress.  So, Bluto and Popeye compete for a job as a musician in Miss Olive's band  - and for Miss Olive!




Hoopa!  Hoopa!  Olive just loves that tuba! And we love to watch her dance.


During the piano sequence, the creators seemed to pull out all the stops and, as a result, they gave us one of the most appealing of all the Famous Studios' Olive Oyls.


An attractive Olive Oyl celebrates music...

...and her liberation at the skillful hands...

...of Popeye The Sailor Man.


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