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Honorable Mention


In my opinion, Olive Oyl is physically beautiful in many Famous Studios cartoons.  This page includes my Honorable Mention films.

Tops in the Big Top
Popeye And The Pirates
A Haul In One
Gym Jam
Fright To The Finish
Abusement Park
Robin Hood-Winked
Popeye's Twentieth Anniversary
A Job For A Gob
Rodeo Romeo
Popeye For President
Safari So Good

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In The Big Top




 Olive's face is Fleischer-looking in this cartoon, 

though a tad cuter in certain scenes, such as when she's bemoaning the fact that "The show can't go on!!" 

But she does have a figure, of sorts, when she's in costume... 

..and in one frame as she's wrapped around the pole.



Popeye And The Pirates




 Although Olive Oyl...

...has been drawn better... other cartoons, can see why fans... about...

...this one! 





A Haul In One




A cute Olive packs,

greets the movers, 



and enjoys Bluto's initial flirtation,

but she really gushes over Popeye's feats of strength.



Gym Jam




 Olive has a pretty face in some scenes...

and a figure when Bluto catches her.

And, when she's working out on the bag, 

and when she's hanging from the rings...

she has shapelier legs than usual.



To The Finish




When Olive  jumps out of her stockings, note the shape they retain!! 

And Olive has a cute, flirty face when she's with Bluto on the couch.  (Though he looks like a dog!)

At the end of the picture, as she kisses Popeye, her face is nicely made up.








  When Olive comes on to Bluto, her face is very appealing.








 Yet another cartoon in which Ms. Oyl has a cute face in certain shots.




Olive keeps her cool (and her looks) while fending off Bluto as long as she can.

And Olive is pretty as a picture when posing with Popeye.



Robin Hood-Winked





As she snuggles with Popeye at the bar and flirts with Bluto, bar maid Olive Oyl has a pretty face... well as when she's in "joyous mode."



Popeye's Twentieth Anniversary




Look fast to see a Parlez-Vous Woo-like Olive Oyl in a strapless gown!!



A Job 
For A Gob




As Olive hangs her sign, 

her pose attracts the boys' attention. 

She also has a cute face in several scenes... well as some curves.







 Though the Olive in this film is much like the Fleischer Olive Oyl, as the loco weed besotted Bluto approaches her, 

she has a pretty face.

Ditto when she's coming on to both Popeye and Bluto earlier.



Popeye For President





Voter Olive Oyl is attractive, 

but until the end of the cartoon, 

Popeye and Bluto are only interested... winning the election.

Looks like he got her vote!







Olive's face and safari pants... 

...are appealing to "Tarzan"... 

...and to us at points in this cartoon.

Capturing Olive and holding on to her are two different matters, especially as Popeye is about to eat some spinach.






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