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Olive Oyl in Noteworthy Moments


In my opinion, Olive Oyl is physically beautiful in many Famous Studios cartoons.  This page includes the films I thought were Noteworthy (in the following order).

Swimmer Take All
Floor Flusher
The Fistic Mystic
Cookin' With Gags
Nurse To Meet Ya
All's Fair at The Fair
Ancient Fistory
Hot Air Aces
Popeye's Premiere
Alona On The Sarong Sea
We're On Our Way To Rio
Tar With A Star
Service With A Guile
Spooky Swabs 
Pre-Hysterical Man 
I'll Be Skiing Ya 
Lumberjack And Jill 
Bride And Gloom
For Better Or Nurse 
Shaving Muggs
House Tricks
Shape Ahoy
Thrill Of Fair
Fireman's Brawl 
The Marry-Go-Round
Pitchin' Woo At The Zoo

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Swimmer Take All - Olive is cute in some scenes, but she's not in the cartoon much.  However, she is the one who saves Popeye!


Floor Flusher - Olive has a pretty face as she compliments Popeye over his skill at fixing the faucet and as the two of them watch Bluto departing.


The Fistic Mystic


Olive is enchanting...

when she's enchanted... 


and then she wears an exotic outfit (showing off some curves) in this cartoon. 


And not everything can manage to look good when it has melted (think candy bars and ice cream cones - YUK!),
but Olive pulls it off admirably. 

Also, a suddenly made-up Olive puckers to kiss Popeye at the end of the picture. 


Cookin' With Gags - Olive is physically attractive at points in this film. 


However, Olive's personality in this cartoon leaves A LOT to be desired!!


Nurse To Meet Ya -   In this cartoon, Olive is in uniform as a nanny.


All's Fair at The Fair

Olive's eyes are a mirror to her soul... she falls for strongman/balloonist Bluto.


Ancient Fistory
The picture of Princess Olive Oyl is pretty on the sign.


Hot Air Aces -  Olive's cute as she's kissing Popeye to bring him back to consciousness.



Popeye's Premiere "Puttin' On The Ritz." Popeye and Olive dress in formal attire.  And Olive, at least, has the cultured manners and sophisticated way about her to match her outfit.


Though drawn very Fleischer-esque in 


On The Sarong Sea


and We're On Our Way To Rio,


she's not Max and Dave's beanpole brunette.


Tar With A Star Olive's costume has a figure and gives it to Popeye when he has it on, too!


Service With A Guile - Olive is drawn in a Fleischer style.  However, her face looks cuter when she goes to kiss Bluto.  But what's with that bow?!?


Spooky Swabs - The stylized, limited animation, "post-modern" Olive of the late '50s (this was the last Popeye cartoon to be made for the movie theaters) is still nice to look at.



Pre-Hysterical Man - Though this cartoon isn't really Olive's greatest film appearance-wise, she still has her moments. 


I'll Be Skiing Ya  - Olive is rail thin, and plain-faced throughout most of the cartoon, but when she's swooning on, and near, the ski lift, she's drawn more attractively.


Lumberjack And Jill - Olive is a cute camp cook in parts of this cartoon.


Bride And Gloom - A happy and modest Olive Oyl (she turns Popeye's picture around so it can't see her)...

...prepares to go to bed, unaware that she's about to have one whopper of a nightmare.


For Better Or Nurse - Though Fleischeresque in appearance, Olive is still prettier in some frames/scenes than she would have been if Max and Dave had made this cartoon.


Shaving Muggs - When strolling with The Captain at the end of the cartoon, 

Olive is a cutey.


House Tricks - Though this cartoon was made before Famous Studios re-designed Olive Oyl, there were hints here of what was to come, as Olive has a cute face and the artists proved they knew how to draw a pair of well-turned ankles.



Shape Ahoy - Another cartoon made before the re-design, but notice the shape of Olive's bikini top on the title card. 


Thrill Of Fair - Though hardly in the cartoon at all, 

Olive still lights up the screen in the brief scenes she has.


Fireman's Brawl Olive has some curves as she runs from the flames and is literally on fire, and she looks cute in the net.


The Marry-Go-Round - The fans requested these pics, so here they are - though this is a Fleischer-esque Olive all dolled up and her appeal escapes me. 

Still, some fans think that this cartoon is one of her sexiest.


Pitchin' Woo 
At The Zoo -Another early Famous studios Olive Oyl who is Fleischer-esque.  However she has a cute face and maybe even some curves when she is hugging Popeye.





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