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Interested in pop culture memorabilia featuring Famous Studios' heroine?  You've come to the right place!


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These are all the collectibles that I know of.  If there's any I've missed, please email me.

Look at the CVS site

There are lots of Popeye and friends character dolls for Christmas! They are the comic strip/comic book versions of the characters, but cute as all get out!!


Trading Cards

The 1994 Popeye set from Card Creations has two cards with the Famous Studios' Olive pictured,  #62 and #67. 

The 1996 set has one, #61, but it's of her pre-Mess Production, very Fleischer-looking days.



Popeye Cartoon Kit from 1957.



Activity Books

Popeye Complete Activity Book (Lowe, 1960)
Popeye Coloring Book (Lowe, 1961) Popeye Sticker Book (Lowe, 1961) Popeye Secret Pictures (Lowe, 1962) Popeye Color By Numbers (Lowe, 1963) 
Popeye Sticker Fun (Lowe, 1963)
Popeye Coloring Book (Lowe, 1963) Popeye Connect The Dots, Color By The Numbers (Lowe, 1963)

 WARNING: The character designs on the cover are not always the ones used inside and many volumes simply reprint pages from earlier books.



I saw a tie on "ebay" that had the Famous Studios' Olive in fancy evening wear standing next to Popeye with a big lipstick kiss on his cheek, while an angry Bluto looked on.  I don't know who manufactured it or what year it came out, though.



For good Popeye info check out Fred Grandinetti's book Popeye The Collectible (Krause, 1990).  And don't forget Spinach Can Collectibles.





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