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How well do you know the Famous Studios' Olive Oyl? 

(How well can any of us ever really know the mystery that is called woman?)


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(answers below quiz)


1.  In what two cartoons did Olive Oyl eat the spinach and save the day?

2. Olive Oyl on rare occasions wound up with a guy other than Popeye at the end of a film.  Name the three guys that took her away from Popeye (at least until the next cartoon).

3. Besides Parlez-Vous Woo, in what other cartoon did Olive want to watch TV?

4. In Jitterbug Jive, Olive Oyl gets wrapped up in a string of what popular food item while Bluto is hurriedly chowing down on the other end to draw her to him?

5. In what film is Olive addressed as "Terrific, Tender, And Tall"?

6. In what film does Olive's sex appeal make her exempt from taxes?

7. In what cartoon does Olive try to get Popeye and his rival to calm down by saying, "Now, Boys, Boys, fightin' ain't friendly-like.  Let's play some games!"

8. Which cartoon ends with the "Don't!  Stop!  Don't!  Stop!  Don't stop!  Don't stop!" sequence of Olive kissing Popeye?

9. In two cartoons, Bluto serenades a swooning Olive Oyl as the two of them are canoeing.  Name the films.

10. Name the cartoon in which Olive Oyl invites Bluto to go boating with her.


1. Fireman's Brawl and Hillbilling And Cooing.

2. Shorty in Marry-Go-Round, Frank Sinatra in Shape Ahoy, Captain Van Dyke in Saving Muggs.

3. Spooky Swabs.

4. Hotdogs.

5. Pitchin' Woo At The Zoo.

6. Robin-Hood Winked.

7. Beach Peach.

8. Gym Jam.

9. Lumberjack And Jill and Vacation With Play.


Vacation With Play



Vacation With Play


10. Cookin' With Gags.



(answers below quiz)

Test your Olive Oyl Obsession!  Answer the questions below:

1. In what cartoon does Olive Oyl go skinny-dipping (?!?!?!) while singing, "I'm In The Mood For Love"?

2. What animal is Olive showing at the fair in Thrill Of Fair?

3. According to Quick On The Vigor, what's Olive's weakness?

4. In what cartoon does Olive complain, "I'm getting splinters in my sprinters"?

5. In what cartoon is Olive turned into a gigantic "candy kiss"?

6. In what cartoon does Olive say to Popeye, "Cometh with me to ye Casbah."

7. In what cartoon does Olive say, "Now, now, Boys, both of you smoke a piece of pipe and make peace?"

8. What song does Olive sing in Tar With A Star?

9. In Farmer And The Belle, what does Bluto find in the haystack instead of Olive Oyl?

10. What appliances is Olive trapped in at the climax of Silly Hillbilly?

1. Shape Ahoy.

2. A pig.

3. Strong men.

4. Popeye Meets Hercules.

5. All's Fair At The Fair.

6. Ancient Fistory.

7. A Wolf In Sheik's Clothing.


A Wolf In Sheik’s Clothing


8. "I Got Spurs That Jingle, Jangle, Jingle."

9. A needle, of course.

10. A vacuum cleaner.




(answers below quiz)

THEME:Olive Fends Off The Wolves

Test your Olive Oyl Obsession!  Name the cartoon the quote is from:


1. "Keep away from me, you, you, you wolf in ship's clothing!"

2. "Oh dear!  Hmm, I...I just remembered.  I have a Mah Jong appointment!"

3. "You masher!  (Belts the guy with a canoe paddle).  You keep away from me, you, you octopus!"

4. "Help!  He's soft-pedaling me!"

5. "You, you sea monster!  What have you done to my Popeye?"

6. "You keep your paws to you - you, you, you hep wildcat!"

7. "Now, now, you let me outta here, you, you stone-age baboon!"

8. (Laughs) "Silly Boy!"  (Gives Bluto a sharp poke in the ribs with her elbow)

9. "You wolf in cheap clothing!"

10. Choose from a, b, c, or d to name the cartoon these Olive quotes are from:

"You keep your hands to you - you, you, you...that's what you are!"



"Oh! You octopus!"


"D...D...D...D...Did you read any good books lately?"


a. Beach Peach
b. Popeye And The Pirates
c. Vacation With Play
d. Beaus Will Be Beaus




1. Anvil Chorus Girl.

2. Klondike Casanova.

3. Cops Is Tops.

4. Tar With A Star.

5. Beach Peach.

6. Jitterbug Jive.

7. Pre-Hysterical Man.

8. Abusement Park.

9. The Island Fling.

10. (c) Vacation With Play.




(answers below quiz)

THEME:Olive Oyl loves...Bluto?

Name the cartoon where the following exchanges/scenes take place:


1. Bluto: How about a shore dinner, Gorgeous?
   Olive: Why, sure!  (She pronounces it "shore.")

2. Olive (after being kissed by the villain): Look at me!  I'm a lovebird!  I'm lovebird! 

3. Olive accepts Bluto's marriage proposal and runs after him when he abandons her at the altar.

4. Olive to villain: Uhh! You saved my life, you great big hunk of hero!

5. Olive's heart flies out of her chest over to the villain and winks at him. 

6. Olive: (to villain): Your technique leaves me weak! 

7. Olive picks the petals of a daisy playing the "He loves me, he loves me not" game about the villain. 

8. Olive happily snuggles on the couch with the villain on Christmas Eve. 

9. Olive turns into a pool of melted butter after the villain takes her in his arms and kisses her on the lips. 

10. Bluto: You won me heart, Babe!
     Olive: Likewise, I'm sure!


1. Beaus Will Be Beaus.

2. A Wolf In Sheik's Clothing.

3. Nearly Weds.

4. Beach Peach.

5. Popeye Meets Hercules.

6. Jitterbug Jive.

7. Pre-Hysterical Man.

8. Mister And Mistletoe.

9. The Fistic Mystic.

10. Quick On The Vigor.




THEME:Olive smooching and being smooched!

1. Name the cartoon that has a wealthy playboy kissing Olive in the park.

2. In what cartoon did Olive kiss Popeye on the top of his head, lifting him off the ground with it? 

3. Name the two cartoons where Olive leaves Popeye's face covered in lipstick at the end of the films. 

4. Name the two cartoons in which a guy's hand-kissing gives Olive goose bumps. 

5. What does Popeye shove between Bluto and Olive as they are about to kiss on the tennis court in Vacation With Play?

6. In what cartoon does Olive give Bluto a big kiss on the lips thinking that she's kissing Popeye? 

7. In what cartoon did Bluto repeatedly kiss Olive Oyl during an act in front of a crowd? 

8. Which one of Popeye's friends did Olive greet with a big kiss that left him floating on air? 

9. In what cartoon was Olive kissing while she was sleep walking? 

10. In what cartoon did Bluto's kiss awaken Olive out of a hypnotic trance? 


1. The Royal Four-Flusher.

2. Rodeo Romeo.

3. Beaus Will Be Beaus, Fright To The Finish.

4. A Wolf In Sheik's Clothing, Popeye Meets Hercules.

5. A tennis racket.

6. Puppet Love.

7. Tops In The Big Top.

8. Shorty.

9. Mess Production.

10. A Balmy Swami.




THEME:Survivor Olive Oyl

Answer these questions based on cartoons in which Olive is a castaway/shipwreck survivor.

Shape Ahoy:

1. What's Olive using for a sail on her raft? 

2. Why does Olive scream at the end of the cartoon? 

3. What does Olive drink in this cartoon?



Island Fling:

4. What feature of Olive's does Mr. Crusoe comment on as he looks at her through his telescope? 

5. What's for dinner at Crusoe's? 

6. What's Olive doing when she's first on the couch with Mr. Crusoe? 

7. What's the only island Olive wants to visit after this experience? 



Spooky Swabs:

8.  What does Olive miss most about civilization?

9. How do Popeye and Olive pass the time on their raft? 

10. What does Olive do to the unconscious ghosts? 



1. Her underclothing.

2. She's swooning over Frank Sinatra.

3. Coconut milk.

4. Her legs.

5. Clam chowder and liverwurst.

6. She's looking at his book of etchings.

7. Coney Island.

8. TV.

9. They play checkers.

10. She sews them together into a sail.



THEME:  The Historical Olive Oyl

Answer these questions about Olive Oyl from cartoons set in other time periods.

1. What gets stuck in Olive's mouth at the Coliseum?

2. Who says to Olive, "I'll save ya - for meself!"

3. What's Olive's profession in Robin-Hood Winked?

4. In what cartoon does Olive appear as an incredibly long-haired blonde?

5. What is Olive in the cartoon Ancient Fistory?

6. What item of Olive's does Bluto wish to try on in Ancient Fistory?

7. How does Olive first attract Hercules' attention?

8. In which cartoon does Olive show off her figure through a waterfall?

9. Bluto misses Olive Oyl twice in Ancient Fistory and ends up kissing other things.  What are they?

10. What does Indian maiden Olive cook for Pilgrim Popeye?



1. A pop bottle.

2. Hercules.

3. A tavern owner.

4. Wotta Knight

5. A princess.

6. Her crown.

7. Her heart literally goes out to him.

8. Wigwam Whoopee

9. A portrait and Popeye's horse.

10. Turkey.




THEME:  Olive In Exotic Locales

Answer these questions about Olive Oyl from cartoons set in exotic locales.

1. What cartoon is the wallpaper on this page from?

2. What's the name of the far eastern city where Popeye and Olive meet a swami?

3. In which two cartoons does Olive Oyl let a guy dress her in harem girl outfits?

4. In Alpine For You, mountain climber Olive Oyl enjoys the singing of what animal?

5. Where is Popeye and Olive's tavern/dance hall/cabaret located?

6. Name four cartoons in which Olive starts out on board a ship or raft.

7. What literary character woos Olive on an island?

8. What does The Count offer Olive Oyl in his penthouse?

9. Where do Popeye and Olive land as they are freezing in their bathing suits?

10. How does Olive Oyl get to the Pre-Hysterical Man's valley?



1. Snow Place Like Home

2. Badgag.

3. The Fistic Mystic
   A Wolf In Sheik's Clothing

4.  A cow.

5. The Klondike.

6. Shape Ahoy
    The Island Fling
    Popeye and the Pirates
    Spooky Swabs

7. Robinson Crusoe.

8. A mink coat.

9. The North Pole

10. She steps off the highest point in Yellowstone Park and uses her nylons to parachute down.






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