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Real gentlemen and ladies don't talk about such things, but this is me, so I will.






When most people think of the Paramount/Famous Studios' Popeye cartoons, they imagine that every episode ended with Bluto chasing a screaming Olive in order to get "a little kiss" and Popeye downing his spinach and saving the day.  In most people's minds, the smooching was always the big deal and the romantic rival who finally got to kiss the innocent Olive was the "winner" in each cartoon. 

However, I have documented case after case of Olive kissing or being kissed by someone other than her loyal one-eyed sailor, or not resisting when some other guy is trying it. Here they are, listed by category:






1. Say It Ain't So, Olive!!


Four times Miss Oyl did willfully give her kisses to another man. She laid kisses on Shorty (Happy Birthdaze & Marry-Go-Round), 



and Bluto ("Shape Ahoy).  Olive and "The International" share a brief, but meaningful and playful kiss on the lips during the waltz sequence in Parlez Voo Woo.  Watch the scene in slow motion or use frame advance to see it.  Also, Olive looked like she was starting to kiss Bluto in Service With A Guile before the tire crisis.


Service With A Guile








2.Bar-uh-ther, Hubba, Hubba, Hubba!!


A very willing Olive was kissed long, hard, and passionately on the lips by two men. The Count's kiss lifted her right off her feet in The Royal Four-Flusher, while Bluto the fakir's kiss turned her into a pool of melted butter in The Fistic Mystic.


The Fistic Mystic


The Fistic Mystic








3. Popeye, You've Got A Lot Of Nerve Cutting In On The International!!! 


A smitten, acquiescent Olive and her suitors either start to come together for a kiss, or else one seems inevitable, at moments in several cartoons. Miss Oyl didn't resist or yell for help and it certainly seemed as if neither Olive or the guy wanted or needed any. Only interruptions by Popeye prevented the magic moments from happening. She gave in to Bluto the zookeeper (Pitchin' Woo At The Zoo), ...Mr. Crusoe (The Island Fling)


The Island Fling


...Pierre the pirate captain (Popeye And The Pirates),

Popeye And The Pirates


...a desert sheik (A Wolf In Sheik's Clothing), 


A Wolf In Sheik’s Clothing


...Bluto the maestro (Symphony In Spinach), 


Symphony In Spinach


...The Sheriff Of Nottingham (Robin Hood-Winked), 


Robin Hood-Winked


...Bluto the lumberjack (Lumberjack And Jill), 


Lumberjack And Jill


...the lifeguard (Beach Peach),


Beach Peach


...Bluto the hep cat (Jitterbug Jive),


Jitterbug Jive


...Bluto the athletics instructor (Vacation With Play),


Vacation With Play


..."The International" (Parlez-Vous Woo),


Parlez-Vous Woo


Parlez-Vous Woo



..."Santa Claus" (Mister And Mistletoe


Mister And Mistletoe


...and Bluto as himself in Beaus Will Be Beaus,


Beaus Will Be Beaus


...and Fright To the Finish.


Fright To the Finish


And, although this could be a controversial example, she seems ready to surrender to Pierre the arctic shopkeeper in Snow Place Like Home, as well. 


Snow Place Like Home


I've watched the scene where she lands in Pierre's arms many times and played it over and over again in slow motion. Although the scene looks slightly different depending on when the slo-mo starts and on which VCR is used, I think the reason she suddenly has a concerned look on her face and turns away from him is that Popeye has suddenly burst onto the scene, not because she doesn't want a kiss from Pierre.


Snow Place Like Home



A split second before she turns, it looks to me as if she is puckering up. I could be wrong, but she certainly has enjoyed Pierre's amorous advances throughout the rest of the film.  I guess only Olive knows for sure. 







4. Fool Me Once, Shame On You!!


Bluto resorts to trickery at times to get kisses (now there's a real surprise). He got one in this manner in Puppet Love.  And I believe he also did in Abusement Park


 Abusement Park


Although no kissing noises are heard as Bluto and Olive go through The Tunnel Of Love, he was obviously doing something to make her giggle and coo that he was so romantic. 

Bluto the magician kisses Olive while she's hypnotized and helpless in A Balmy Swami


 A Balmy Swami 


The short, bumbling "comedy relief" pirate in Popeye And The Pirates gets a kiss from Miss Oyl by jumping between she and Popeye as they are coming together.  So does a fish (!!) in Hot Air Aces.

"Santa Claus" nearly tricks one out of her under the mistletoe in the appropriately named Mister And Mistletoe



Mister And Mistletoe






5. Kiss Me All To Pieces And Leave Me Feeling Soooo Weak


Men regularly kiss Olive's hands, arms, neck, forehead, and shoulders as they woo her. Pierre the pirate captain gets into it (Popeye And The Pirates), 



Popeye And The Pirates do the count (The Royal Four-Flusher), 



The Royal Four-Flusher


...Hercules (Popeye Meets Hercules), 



Popeye Meets Hercules


...Mr. Crusoe (The Island Fling), 



The Island Fling


...the sheik (A Wolf In Sheik's Clothing), 



A Wolf In Sheik's Clothing



A Wolf In Sheik's Clothing


...Bluto the maestro (Symphony In Spinach), 



Symphony In Spinach


...and "The International" (Parlez-Vous Woo).



Parlez-Vous Woo







6. When We Get Behind Closed Doors


Sometimes the kissing occurs off-camera. Kissing sounds are heard in Bluto's cabin between Olive's frantic appearances at the windows in Vacation With Play



Vacation With Play


Likewise, when Bluto and Olive disappear into the cave in Alpine For You, a good, healthy "smack" is heard that is definitely a kiss. 



Alpine For You






7. You'd Get Arrested Or Sued For
That Nowadays!!


After Popeye has been dispatched, the antagonist takes Olive and forcibly, repeatedly kisses her in Gym Jam, Tops In The Big Top, 



Tops In The Big Top


...Alpine For You



Alpine For You


...and Pre-Hysterical Man


 Pre-Hysterical Man







It's not the ability to get a kiss, but the ability to have a long term relationship (Popeye and Olive are still together after 75 years!!), that determines who the "winner" is. That's the way it is in the cartoons as well as in real life.


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