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Why Olive Oyl Was Attracted To Other Guys

If you look at the cartoons carefully, you will see that she WAS attracted to Other Guys. 

And we ask, why?



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NOTE: I've labeled the reasons and grouped the films in all categories that apply. 

However, I didn't list absolutely every cartoon featuring Bluto under "Liked Guy's Looks / Abilities / Gifts" because that's pretty much a given.  :)


Cause #1: 
She And Popeye Seemed Incompatible


Cookin' With Gags





A Balmy Swami



Cause #2: 
Popeye Ignored / Hurt / Abandoned / Made Fun Of Her




Jitterbug Jive




Jitterbug Jive





A Balmy Swami


Cause #3: 
The Other Guy Tricked Her

(*Made Popeye Seem Evil, Dangerous, Or A Fool)







*Alpine For You


*Fright To The Finish


*Lumberjack And Jill


*I Don't Scare (no picture)








*All's Fair At The Fair (no picture)



*Abusement Park (no picture)



*Bride And Gloom (no picture)



*Tops In The Big Top (no picture)



*The Crystal Brawl (no picture)



*Beaus Will Be Beaus (no picture)


She-Sick Sailors (no picture)


*Puppet Love (no picture)


*Cooking With Gags



Cause #4:
Popeye Was Incompetent


Marry- Go- Round




I'll Be Skiing You



Cause #5: 
Olive Liked The Other Guy's Looks / Abilities / Gifts





Service With A Guile







Cookin' With Gags




The Fistic Mystic



















A Balmy Swami










Farmer And The Belle




Parlez-Vous Woo

Parlez-Vous Woo







Mess Production




A Haul In One




Robin-Hood Winked




Lumberjack And Jill




Safari So Good




Rodeo Romeo








Tops In The Big Top (no picture)



Pitchin' Woo At The Zoo (no picture)





I'll Be Skiing You





Alpine For You







Quick On The Vigor



Quick On The Vigor




The Island Fling





Shape Ahoy



Shaving Mugs


Toreadorable (no picture)


All's Fair At The Fair



Cause #6: 
She Met Her Fantasy Figure In The Other Guy















She-Sick Sailors (no picture)



Cause #7: 
She Was Separated From Popeye And The Other Guy Found Her

Safari So Good



Cause #8: 
The Other Guy Saved Her Life Or Helped Her Out Of A Dangerous Predicament










All's Fair At The Fair (no picture)



Safari So Good


I'll Be Skiing You








Don't be quick to believe the worst about people you know.  There may be more going on behind the scenes than you are aware of.  Bluto may not be trying to make them look bad, but is Satan pulling some strings?  Are there pressures on them that you aren't aware of?

A relationship involves trust and forgiveness.  If Olive had only been willing to give Popeye the benefit of the doubt, or said, "This doesn't seem like the Popeye I know," or "Even if he did do what I think he did, I forgive him," she could have saved herself a lot of trouble later in many cartoons.

A relationship also takes work.  Popeye cannot take for granted that Olive Oyl is "his girl."  In some cartoons he reminds me of guys that I've counseled who can't understand why their marriages are falling apart, yet ignore their wives' feelings, always want things their own way, and have a "need" to be "free" to pursue their hobbies and go out with the guys whenever they want even if their mates are bored.  And their wives find someone else.  Imagine that!

Having your dreams come true may not be all it's cracked up to be.  Olive Oyl has romantic fantasies, but when they start working out in reality, she realizes she'd rather be with plain, dependable Popeye after all.  Her dream dates turn out to be not so dreamy when she gets past the veneers of looks, wealth, and athletic ability and sees what they are really like deep down inside.  Many people have gotten what they thought they always wanted in life - riches, fame, a good-looking mate, status, important job, vacation home, etc. - only to find themselves still feeling empty and frustrated.  Some of the "rewards" bring their own sets of headaches.  I need to make sure I'm working toward and dreaming about being in God's completed kingdom, a reward that won't disappoint.  Remember, the grass isn't always greener once we are standing in another lawn.  In fact, as Erma Bombeck said, sometimes, "The grass is greener over the septic tank."





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