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The Strange Lives 
Of Olive Oyl


Paramount's casting director sure came up with lots of unique roles for Olive Oyl.


NOTE: Olive had many different occupations in the films and was pictured in several different historical eras in different costumes. 

Also, she was sometimes portrayed as having just met Popeye and Bluto. 

But, her strange lives are stranger still.




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The Strange Lives Of Olive Oyl


 One of the staple stories from the old silver age comic book series, "Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane," was the intrepid female reporter getting transformed into strange creatures or personas, like a humanoid queen bee, or a witch, or Cleopatra.

 Well, the girlfriend of the first comics' superhero had her share of unusual incarnations, too.  While she never got changed into an insect, Olive Oyl appeared as some unique characters in the Paramount/Famous Studios' Popeye cartoons, someone strangely different than the Olive Oyl we were familiar with.  It is to these cartoons that I direct your attention:

  Alona On The Sarong Sea - Olive is some sort of "virgin native goddess" pledged to The Great Volcano on a tropical island.


 Cartoons Ain't Human - In Popeye's animated production, Olive looks like the stick-figure drawing of a child.


 We're On Our Way To Rio - A Latin American Olive Oyl with a different voice and a Spanish accent is the featured samba dancer in a nightclub.



 Klondike Casanova - Olive is a saloon singer/dance hall girl and actually performs a striptease in this cartoon (don't worry - it's very coyly and modestly done and "G" rated).




 Wotta Knight - A blonde, unbelievably long-haired Olive appears as Sleeping Beauty, who turns into quite the female wolf when she is awakened.



 Olive Oyl For President - In a musical dream sequence, Olive becomes The President Of The United States and does what no actual President ever could - she tames Congress.




 Wigwam Whoopee - The red-skinned, Indian maiden, Olive falls for pilgrim Popeye.




 Silly Hillbilly - A backwoods Olive Oyl dresses in tattered clothes, wears braids in her hair, and uses words like, "h'ain't", "purdy", and "yo gal".  She actually starts out the cartoon as Bluto's girlfriend until Popeye the traveling salesman shows up.




 Farmer And The Belle - Olive owns a farm.  No big deal except that when she talks she uses expressions like, "By Cracky!"  (I have lived among farmers in upstate New York and in Iowa and never once have I ever heard one say, "By Cracky!")




 Private Eye Popeye - Olive seems to be a millionaire with a mansion, a butler, a fancy dress, and a huge emerald, which gets stolen.




 A Job For A  Gob - Ranch owner Olive Oyl talks with what is supposed a southwestern accent, saying things like, "The job is yourn."







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