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Popeye and 
The Armed Forces

The Armed Forces (and their fans) speak!!!

Starting again in October 2008: Men and Women in the service - write and I'll put your Popeye-related emails on this page!

Look at the review of a new book about the "Sweet Pea," a U.S. Navy ship that fought in the Pacific during WWII, on the Popeye sightings page.


Question in 2003


I am wondering about Popeye's rank.  Is/was he a Chief?  He has the anchors of a Chief on each arm, but that could just be nautical symbols, because when Popeye was first created, he had the symbols, but wasn't in the navy.  In the wartime cartoons, I don't think that his rank was ever mentioned.  In some, he seemed to be low on the totem pole, but at the end of one, he was seen either getting a promotion or a medal or both.  In others, he was on important solo missions.  So, it's hard to determine his rank.  Also, in one episode, while fighting the Sea Hag, he states, "You want an outfit like this, join the Coast Guard!!  Anyway, thanks for the web page.  Nice, easy to use and best of all, it has this email feature! 


-  Matt "The Other Sailor Man" B. ETC MLCPAC


I think you answered your own questions, Matt! 

It IS hard to tell!



Comment in 2003



Sir, I am like many Popeye fan (I thinks).  I am 42 (in 2003) and started watching Popeye on the old Captain Tug show on WTTG 5 (Washington) in the early 60s. 

I can still remember my grandfather telling me what those things were that appeared on Popeye's bicep (ie. turbines, WWI tanks, B17s, etc.). 

So, I came to look at Popeye as sort of the all-American Hero.  After this war started I was like many Americans worried about our troops, and after Sunday when we saw those POWs, I was feeling sad.  My young sons wanted to see a Popeye cartoon we have on video.  So we put in Popeye And The Forty Thieves.  It made me feel so much better.  I know it sounds crazy, but it is true. 

I thought I would email you with that thought as you run the fan site.  Early Popeye cartoons had a very positive side to them - they showed American strength, guts, and tenacity.  I am sure many folks would not like it as it is not PC, but my kids think they are the best. 

That says a lot considering the amount of cartoons they have to choose from.  Anyway, that's it.  I just wanted to say that Popeye is still doing his Patriotic wartime duty.  Keeping the morale up on the home front even in 2003. 
-  Mark C. from Virginia


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