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Okay, we love the cartoons, but nobody is perfect.  On this page you'll find evidence that we live in a fallen world (as if any more were needed), as we examine the flub ups, continuity errors, misspellings, etc. that can be found in the Famous Studios' films.


Last updated 08-23-2008. 
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My Bloopers

Neil's Bloopers

Vcarta's Bloopers

Silver Fox's Bloopers

dchrisner's Bloopers and
Ray Pointer's Comments (He is an animation expert.)

Kevin's Bloopers

Peter's Bloopers

Anthony's Blooper



My Bloopers


>> Are These Bloopers?
Several Popeye fans, including "Uncle Wayne" and my son have noticed that the characters' eyes will sometimes change within a film from the all-black pie-eyes to the round circles with pupils in the middles.  I have noticed the eyes, too.  And I have often wondered if these occurrences should be considered "bloopers".  While some would say they are examples of sloppy continuity, I've come to believe that the changes were (for the most part) done on purpose.  I've noticed that the changes usually happen during reaction shots to enhance them, or when characters need to be to more attractive and "real", or to enhance comic effects (as in The Royal Four Flusher when Ms. Oyl suddenly has the "white circle, pupil in the middle" eyes on top of the flagpole so that her eyeballs can bounce around as The Count chops away at the pole).





Anyhow, that's my take on it.  What's yours? 




>> Four black knights rush at Popeye in Robin-Hood Winked and wind up as part of a stove after he vanquishes them.  But we only see him hit three of them!





>> In Abusement Park, Popeye goes from hanging by his hands right-side-up to hanging by his feet upside-down as Bluto tries to knock him off the roller coaster track.





>> In Lumberjack And Jill, when Popeye hits the saw with his fist and stops it, it has no teeth.  Did Popeye knock them off?  But when it chases Bluto moments later, the teeth are back again.




>> In Shaving Muggs, the label on the bag says, "Quick Drying Cement."




>> Olive places the last plate on the table upside-down in Jitterbug Jive.




>>The other candles on the Christmas tree, besides the one that burns off Bluto's fake beard, suddenly disappear in Mister And Mistletoe.




>> Olive Oyl's name is spelled "Olive Oyle" on her mailbox in Car-azy Drivers.  (Neil put me on to this one.  Thanks, Neil!)





>> In Symphony In Spinach, the characters often talk without moving their mouths.  This has led to speculation that perhaps this cartoon was meant to be almost all music and little dialogue.  The musical score is excellent and perfectly synchronized with the action.  And you really don't need dialogue to tell what's going on.  Maybe the dialogue was a last-minute, on-second-thought addition after the animation had already been done?




>> Olive keeps changing her position in the block of ice from scene to scene in Snow Place Like Home.



Anthony's Blooper

In Bride And Gloom (1953), there is an error.  Popeye says "My boys!" instead of "Me boys!"



Thanks, Anthony! 


Peter's Bloopers

Peter E. Rosati spotted these:

In Cops Is Tops and The Crystal Brawl, Olive leaves home without ever bothering to shut her door!  That's a good way to get robbed, Ms. Oyl.




Olive actually changes color during Lunch With A Punch.  Watch her carefully!





In the cartoon I Don't Scare, Olive Oyl is wearing her cute little sailor-like hat when she plans to go out on a date with Popeye, but when Bluto brings in the black cat, and Olive Oyl is telling Popeye that she will not go out with him, she is not wearing that little hat, until she runs up the wall to escape the black cat and to hang on to the chandelier. After the fish bowl hits her and the rug gets pulled from under Popeye, and he hits her with the mirror, she doesn't have her hat on. Not even after she throws Popeye out the door! What happened to it?



In She-Sick Sailors (1944), Bluto, disguised as Superman, is tying Olive Oyl to the railroad tracks.  As she screams at one point, her shoes hit the tracks, changing color from light brown to dark brown instantly!  An artist's flaw perhaps. Watch her carefully!  When Bluto drops Olive Oyl out the window, he has the famous "S" insignia on his chest! But it's lost when he jumps out to rescue her!  I don't see it on his chest the remainder of the cartoon! Where's the famous "S?" How can he be SUPERMAN without it? Something is definitely amiss here, isn't it?! 



In Lumberjack And Jill (1949), somehow the cartoonist got a little mixed-up at the scene when Popeye is clobbered by Bluto with a long log and is wedged into the log flume with only his head sticking out. At that point when Popeye yells "WOW!," the log coming down the flume appears to be coming down from the right! But when Popeye reaches for his spinach, the log is now coming down from the left! This is one blooper that cannot be mistaken! Seeing is believing! 






 In Moving Aweigh (1944), when Popeye wraps Shorty in rope and then in anger throws him out the window until he catches the gear of the loading truck outside, Shorty appears tied up. But when Popeye tosses the cuckoo clock out the window, Shorty is not tied up, but appears to sitting in the front seat with the steering wheel in his hand!  How can that be!




In Peep In The Deep (1946), when Olive Oyl is busy polishing her toes red, even after Popeye thrusts through the salvage ship to get his nose colored red, look closely at Olive's shoes where she sits. The rim of her shoes are brown like the whole shoe. Yet throughout the rest of the cartoon Olive's shoes appear to have yellow rims!  Watch her shoes closely!   




 In the Popeye cartoon, A Job For A Gob, as the stampede chases Olive Oyl (following Bluto's thrashing), there are a lot of cattle in that scene! Yet when Popeye catches them with the long well structure, there are only six of the cows caught! What happened to the rest?






 In I'll Be Skiing You (1947), why is Olive Oyl dressed so lightly?!  Popeye and Bluto are wearing winter clothes!  Why isn't Olive Oyl?  She's wearing a light dress with legs exposed to the cold and snow?  This doesn't make much sense!  Even for a cartoon, this isn't right!  She should have winter clothing as well! Don't you think? 





 Jitterbug Jive: When Bluto is eating the hotdogs (with mustard) with Olive at the end, he is not driving or paying attention to the road!!!  This is very dangerous!!!  Even for a cartoon, someone should be watching the road.  They could sail off a cliff and never know it!!  (Maybe he only has eyes for Olive?  Or showing us he has a one track mind?  Or proving he's irresponsible and a villain? - Steve)



Kevin's Bloopers


Kevin S. Butler points out that Popeye and Bluto almost commit a blooper by swearing in Shape Ahoy, but that two human hands appear and put "Censored" labels over their mouths.  He's glad that it happened because he doesn't want to see his heroes stooping to the level of "Bevis And Butthead" or the "South Park" kids.  I agree, Kevin!




Some Bloopers From Neil


Klondike Casanova

When envious, Popeye turns green much too suddenly.  In fact, it's one frame of animation change.  Typically the two frames would be buffered with a cross-fade, or if movement was necessary between the frames, multiple and gradual tonal change.  It seems like the cameraman either missed this, or this wasn't indicated on the exposure sheet.  It was probably never re-shot because of the expense of color film.




Klondike Casanova

Unlike in the close up, in the long shot, Popeye's piano technique does not even remotely correspond to what he is playing.  Obviously, this was a labor-saving technique, and no one watching the film in a theater would ever catch it.  Conversely, now with VCRs, we can nit-pick to our hearts content!







She-Sick Sailors

-- Popeye's tattoo disappears from his arm every couple of frames when he fires the machine gun.

-- If Popeye's just been shot with a machine gun, why are there no bullet holes in his shirt?  The bullets are clearly lodged in his spinach can, so they must have penetrated it.  Probably this was done to avoid ruining the suspense of how Popeye survived.




Cartoons Ain't Human

-- Popeye's pipe disappears when at the animation table trying to think of an idea.  I think this is actually fixed in the color redrawn version - and that's only because they lazily skipped every other frame.





VCarta emailed me this one:

In Abusement Park, when Olive Oyl is on the roller coaster (as Bluto yanked her out of the car, for not kissing him), her left ankle was tied with the rope that is anchored to the car that is pulling her.  Then after smashing into the lighthouse, you'll notice that the rope is on her right ankle.



Silver Fox sent me this one:

In Tar With A Star, Bluto's gun belt disappears after he is knocked into the 2nd floor railing.  Also, when he lands, his sleeves, belt, and boots are missing, although when Sheriff Popeye slugged him, he still had them on.



You have to see this one to believe it!!!  Bluto has no legs!

dchrisner wrote me (but see Ray Pointer's comments below):

"Next time you watch the 1948 Popeye cartoon, Robin-Hood Winked, watch the scene about half-way through the film where Bluto is putting the moves on Olive. (It's when Bluto is bragging about the archery shot he made. - Steve)  From the waist/belt down, watch his legs. They were not completely drawn.  There is a horizontal line about knee level. Was there supposed to be a foreground cell placed over Bluto or did the camera operator misread the shooting plan?  Ruins an otherwise excellently animated cartoon."





Ray Pointer's Comments

(Ray is an animation expert.)

Regarding the scene where Bluto appears without legs, it looks to me as if the wrong field size was shot, with the intention of the camera to crop Bluto above the upper thighs.  These and other "bloopers" are the result of not having a Final Checking Department.

Things like 'out of field' errors of the nature described can be corrected now by enlarging and repositioning the image in the video transfer.

Thanks, Ray!!!



If you find a Famous Studios' blooper, email it to me and I'll give you the credit.






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