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Popeye: An Illustrated Cultural History by Fred Grandinetti

The breadth of Grandinetti's knowledge about Popeye is truly astounding!  This is good news for readers because it means that his book covers all things Popeye.  From comic strips to animated cartoons to collectibles to live action to sound recordings to theme park appearances and more, it's all here.  Those wanting to learn about the sailor, or find answers to trivia questions, or rekindle childhood memories and finally solve mysteries like "What was the name of that cartoon where Bluto was a bullfighter?" will find what they need.  Even long-time, diehard fans like me will learn new things.  And the illustrations are wonderful!  There are sample strips from all the creators of the comics over the years, stills from the animated films, theatrical posters, sheet music, ads, model sheets and more.  Fred includes episode guides, sample scripts, colorizations gaffs, character profiles, mini-bios of the voice artists, a section on the censored Popeye cartoons, and information about The International Popeye Fanclub written by club co-founder Mike Brooks.  In the interest of full disclosure, I should also say that there are two pages about me and my views toward Popeye and the Famous Studios cartoons, but even without those pages I would recommend the book to anyone wanting an education in Popeye and those curious as to why, 75 years after his creation, people all over the world still talk about the one-eyed, pipe tooting hero.  Not everyone will agree with all of Grandinetti's opinions about the various incarnations of Popeye, but Fred tries to be fair and will get you to think.  And fans interacting with other fans' thoughts is what fandom is all about.  Bottom line: This is a good job from perhaps the number one Popeye fan in the world.

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Popeye: The First Fifty Years
by Bud Sagendorf

Published in 1979, this heavily illustrated coffee table book focuses mainly on Popeye's comic strip appearances, which is understandable because Mr. Sagendorf was one of the creators of those strips.  Fans looking for information on animated Popeye cartoons, or on Popeye collectibles will be disappointed, but for those who want to enjoy the charm and durability of E.C. Segar's characters and those interested in the history of American comic strips, this is highly recommended.  And it certainly doesn't hurt anything that Mr. Sagendorf is charming himself and that his own wit and considerable talent are on display here.

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