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Famous Studios' Popeye cartoons listed in the same order as they appear in their category pages.

Spinach Soufflé - The Best 
 Steady as She Goes -
Honorable Mention 
 Bilge Water - The Worst
 Ballast - The Rest 

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Spinach Soufflé - The Best 

Me Musical Nephews (1942)
Seein' Red White 'N' Blue (1943)
Too Weak To Work (1943)
Ration For The Duration (1943)
Cartoons Ain't Human (1943)
We're On Our Way To Rio (1944)
Pop-Pie Ala Mode (1945)
Tops In The Big Top (1945)
Shape Ahoy (1945)
Klondike Casanova (1946)
Rocket To Mars (1946)
The Fistic Mystic (1947)
The Island Fling (1947) 
Abusement Park (1947)
Popeye And The Pirates (1947)
The Royal Four Flusher (1947)
Safari So Good (1947)
All's Fair At The Fair (1947)
Olive Oyl For President (1948)
Pre-Hysterical Man (1948)
Popeye Meets Hercules (1948) 
A Wolf In Sheik's Clothing (1948)
Snow Place Like Home (1948)
Symphony In Spinach (1948)
Lumberjack and Jill (1949)
A Balmy Swami (1949)
Silly Hillbilly (1949)
Gym Jam (1950)
Beach Peach (1950)
Jitterbug Jive (1950)
Quick On The Vigor (1950)
Farmer And The Belle (1950)
Vacation With Play (1950)
Alpine For You (1951)
Tots Of Fun (1952)
Taxi Turvy (1954)
Private Eye Popeye (1954)
Beaus Will Be Beaus  (1955)
Mister And Mistletoe (1955)
Cops Is Tops (1956)
Insect To Injury (1956)
Parlez-Vous Woo (1956)
Spree Lunch (1957)

Steady as She Goes - Honorable Mention 

The Anvil Chorus Girl (1944)
Puppet Love (1944)
Pitchin' Woo At The Zoo (1944)
For Better Or Nurse (1945)
Rodeo Romeo (1946)
I'll Be Skiing Ya (1947)
Wotta Knight (1947)
Wigwam Whoopee (1948)
Robin-Hood Winked (1948)
Tar With A Star (1949)
How Green Is My Spinach (1950)
Double-Cross Country Race(1951)
Ancient Fistory (1953)
Toreadorable (1953)
Popeye The Ace Of Space (1953)
Shaving Muggs (1953)
Floor Flusher (1954)
Nurse To Meet Ya (1955)
A Haul In One (1956)
Nearlyweds (1957)
Spooky Swabs (1957)

Bilge Water - The Worst

Happy Birthdaze (1943)
Woodpeckin' (1943)
Marry-Go-Round (1943)
Moving Aweigh (1944)
Barking Dogs Don't Fite (1949)
The Fly's Last Flight (1949)
Pilgrim Popeye (1951)
Popeye's Pappy (1952)
Shuteye Popeye (1952)
Big Bad Sinbad (1952)
Popeye's Mirthday (1953)
Baby Wants A Battle (1953)
Bride And Gloom (1954)
Gopher Spinach (1954) l
Cookin' With Gags (1955)
Gift Of Gag (1955)
A Job For A Gob (1955)
Hillbilling And Cooing (1956)
Popeye For President (1956)
Patriotic Popeye (1957)

Ballast - The Rest 

You're A Sap, Mr. Jap (1942)
Alona On The Sarong Seas (1942)
A Hull Of A Mess (1942)
Scrap The Japs (1942)
Spinach For Britain (1943)
A Jolly Good Furlough (1943)
Her Honor The Mare (1943)
Spinach-Packing Popeye (1944)
She-Sick Sailors (1944)
Mess Production (1945)
House Tricks (1946)
Service With A Guile (1946)
Peep In The Deep (1946)
Spinach Vs. Hamburgers (1948)
Popeye's Premiere (1949)
Hot Air Aces (1949)
Popeye Makes A Movie (1950)
Baby Wants Spinach (1950)
Riot In Rhythm (1950)
Thrill Of Fair (1951)
Let's Stalk Spinach (1951)
Punch And Judo (1951)
Lunch With A Punch (1952)
Swimmer Take All (1952)
Friend Or Phony (1952)
Popalong Popeye (1952)
Child Sockology (1953)
Fireman's Brawl (1953)
Popeye's Twentieth Anniversary (1954)
Greek Mirthology (1954)
Fright To The Finish (1954)
Penny Antics (1955)
Car-azy Drivers (1955)
Out To Punch (1956)
Assault And Flattery (1956)
I Don't Scare (1956)
The Crystal Brawl (1957)





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