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It's time to play "Who Wants To Be A Popeye Expert?"  (I can't offer you a million dollars, but I hope you have a good time anyway.)


Popeye's First Pop Quiz

Popeye's Second Pop Quiz

Popeye's Third Pop Quiz

Popeye's Fourth Pop Quiz

Popeye's Fifth Pop Quiz

Popeye's Sixth Pop Quiz

Popeye's Seventh Pop Quiz




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Popeye's First Pop Quiz

1. In what cartoon set in modern times does Popeye wear a suit of armor?

2. Completely running roughshod over the Segar source material, how do the Famous Studios' creators explain Swee'Pea's identity?

3. What cartoon has Popeye's spinach can coming to life?

4. In She-Sick Sailors, what does Popeye use for the insignia of his Superman outfit?

5. Name the three cartoons that feature Popeye in drag.

6. What animal had a romantic crush on Popeye?

7. In what cartoon does Popeye say, "I hopes Olive ain't overexposed."

8. How many times were Popeye and Olive engaged?

9. What famous figure does Popeye disguise himself as in a failed attempt to fool his nephews?

10. What animal verbally exposed one of Bluto's dirty tricks?


1. In Car-azy Drivers.

2. He's Olive Oyl's cousin.

3. Friend Or Phony?

4.  The "S" off the front of his spinach can. At least that's what I thought when I wrote this question.   It turns out I was confusing this cartoon with a Fleischer one.  Actually, a "P" just appears on Popeye's chest after he downs the green stuff.

5.  As I thought about it, I realized that there were more than three: 

Too Weak To Work, We're On Our Way To Rio, 
Tops In the Big Top, Popeye And The Pirates,
Popeye's Pappy, and Private Eye Popeye.

6. A seal, in Snow Place Like Home.

7. Pre-Hysterical Man.

8. Twice.  Bride And Gloom and Nearly Weds.

9. As Santa Claus in Mister And Mistletoe.

10. A frog ("Bluto dunnit") in Lunch With A Punch.


Popeye's Second 
Pop Quiz

1. In what cartoons does Popeye feed Bluto the spinach and let himself get beat up?

2. In what cartoon set in modern day does Bluto don a suit of armor?

3. In Mess Production, what happens after Popeye receives Olive's kiss at the end of the cartoon?

4. What animals toss Popeye around between them in The Royal Four-Flusher?

5. In what cartoon do Popeye's toe nails become super-strong scissors in order to enable him to escape a trap?

6. Who is the judge in Assault And Flattery?

7. What's the name of the dog Popeye has to walk in Barking Dogs Don't Fight?

8. What does Popeye wear on his feet to keep him from plunging down the mountainside in Alpine For You?

9. Name the cartoon in which Popeye ingests jumping beans.

10. In what cartoon does Popeye use vanishing cream to make himself invisible?


1. For Better Or Nurse, Beaus Will Be Beaus.

2. Pitchin' Woo At The Zoo.

3. He goes into a trance and blissfully sleepwalks through the factory, destroying machinery as he goes.

4. Seals.

5. Wigwan Whoopee

6. Wimpy.  (I'll bet he could be bribed fairly easily!)

7. Frenchy.

8. Plungers, of course.

9. Toreadorable.

10. Fright To The Finish.



Popeye's Third Pop Quiz

THEME: Popeye's morphing

Name the cartoon in which Popeye, after eating his spinach, morphs:


1. His bicep into a jackhammer.


      2. Into a rocketship.


3. Into a torpedo.  (2 cartoons)

4. His bicep into the number 13.


5. Into a champion mountain guide.

6. His head into an axe head.

7. His fist into a 5,000 pound weight.

8. Into a zoot suit-wearing swinger.

9. Into a suave, rich, international playboy.

10. Into a drill bit. 

a. House Tricks
b. Tots Of Fun
c. A Balmy Swami

d. Child Sockology




1. Cops Is Tops.

2. Popeye Meets Hercules.

3. Beach Peach, Floor Flusher.

4. I Don't Scare.

5. Alpine For You.

6. Lumberjack And Jill.

7. Gym Jam.

8. Jitterbug Jive.

9. Parlez-Vous Woo.

10. (d) Child Sockology.


Popeye's Fourth Pop Quiz

THEME: Popeye, not a sailor man.

Name the cartoon where Popeye was:

1. The leader of an anthropological expedition.

2. A presidential candidate.

3. Hercules.

4. A gumshoe.

5. Trying out for a job at Bluto's ranch.

6. A travelling salesman.

7. A pilgrim (2 cartoons).

8. A movie star (2 cartoons).

9. A saloonkeeper/piano player.

10. An animator.


1. Pre-Hysterical Man.

2. Popeye For President.

3. Greek Mirthology.

4. Private Eye Popeye.

5. Popalong Popeye.

6. Silly Hillbilly.

7. Wigwam Whoopee, Pilgrim Popeye.

8. Popeye Makes A Movie, Popeye's Premiere, and Popeye's Twentieth Anniversary could actually be included, too.

9. Klondike Casanova.

10. Cartoons Ain't Human.



Popeye's Fifth Pop Quiz

THEME: Trouble-making kids.

1. Who are the nephews when they appear in Olive's dream?

2. What was Swee'Pea after in Thrill Of Fair?

3. Who did the nephews disguise the horse's hindquarters as in Her Honor The Mare?

4. What did the nephews give Popeye for his birthday? 

5. Riot In Rhythm is a remake of what cartoon? 

6. What was Swee'Pea after in Baby Wants Spinach?

7. How do the nephews make donuts? 

8. In what cartoon do the nephews beat up Bluto? 

9. What did the nephews want instead of Spinach Spanish Omlettes at Popeye's diner?

10. What did they want instead of spinach in Greek Mirthology?


1. Popeye and Olive's sons.

2. A balloon.

3. Adolph Hitler.

4. A giant can of spinach, what else?

5. Me Musical Nephews.

6. A ball.

7. They skeet shoot the holes out of the middles.

8. Lunch With A Punch.

9. Hamburgers.

10. Ice cream.


Popeye's Sixth Pop Quiz

THEME: The Time Tunnel

1. What food items did Popeye and Olive share in ancient Rome?

2. What do Popeye and Little John order at Olive's tavern?

3. What vegetable did Popeye Hercules initially use to gain strength?

4. What did Sleeping Beauty use to bring a fleeing Knight Popeye back to her?

5. What saved Popeye's life in Pilgrim Popeye?

6. In which cartoon set in the past, did Popeye say of Olive, "A spouse for me house!"

7. What happens to the stadium crowd after Hercules issues his challenge?

8. A magical being appears to Popeye in Ancient Fistory.  Who is it?

9. What does Popeye do to the gods of Olympus as he rockets past them?

10. How is Olive going to choose between Popeye and Bluto in Robin-Hood Winked?


1. A hotdog and a soda pop.

2. Root beers.

3. Garlic.

4. A magnet.

5. A turkey.

6. Wigwan Whoopee.

7. They turn yellow - literally.

8. His fairy godfather.

9. Gives them an inadvertent shave and haircut.

10. An archery contest.


Popeye's Seventh Pop Quiz

THEME: Popeye The Smooching Man


1. In what cartoon do Popeye and Olive kiss off camera in The Tunnel Of Love?

2. What does Indian maiden Olive say after first kissing Popeye in Wigwan Whoopee?

3. What does Olive's kiss do to Popeye in Wotta Knight?

4. Name the three cartoons where Olive repeatedly kisses Popeye at the end of the film.

5. What does Popeye kiss instead of Olive Oyl in The Fistic Mystic?

6. In which two cartoons does Popeye make sure his "chauffeur" can't watch him kissing Olive Oyl?

7. Popeye intercepts a kiss meant for who in Marry-Go-Round?

8. What does Popeye's first kiss do to Olive in Parlez-Vous Woo?

9. What does Popeye's kiss at the end of Parlez-Vous Woo do to Olive Oyl?

10. What do Popeye and Olive kiss behind in Toreadorable?


1. Abusement Park

2. "Mmm, Paleface heap hep!"

3. Melts him.

4. Gym Jam
    Beaus Will Be Beaus
    Fright To The Finish

5. The Statue of Liberty.

6. Popeye Meets Hercules
   A Wolf In Sheik's Clothing

7. Shorty.

8. Turns her into a block of ice.

9. Melts her.

10. A bullfighting cape shaped as a heart.





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