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(especially Popeye fans):

Please check out the whole site (particularly the FAQ pages) before emailing me questions.  You will probably find your answers there.  You will probably not get an answer from me if the answer is on the site already.  Sorry, but I do not have the time.  Apologies to those who wrote long ago and did not get answers about questions that are not answered on the site.  I hope to get to them sometime when time and workload permits.  Thanks for your interest!

Also, I am a fan, not a store.  So any questions about costumes or other items like tapes or T-shirts to purchase need to be addressed to places like Spinach Can Collectibles (which is a store).  Links to it and others are on my Popeye page. 

So, hope you keep having fun and eating your spinach!!! 

Again, sorry, but I Yam What I Yam And I Cants Be Nothing Else!! :-)  :-) 


December 2008 - Finished updating TV and Movies Reviewed page.  Also added more seed thoughts.


September/October 2008 - Fixing links.  Adding Seed Thoughts.  Fixing pictures so you can see them.  A work in progress.  Enjoy!


July 31, 2007 - Added a new Seed Thoughts to the Index page.


December 7, 2006 - Added a sermon to "My Beliefs" page.  Also reformatted a little.

October 4, 2006 - Reformatted Book Reviews page.  Authors now listed alphabetically.  Reformatted Home page.

September 12, 2006 - After a long absence following the deaths of Steve's parents in Spring 2005, we are back with book reviews - Into the Wardrobe: C.S. Lewis and the Narnia Chronicles by David C. Downing and Twisted by Jeffrey Deaver.

March 3, 2005 - New Seed Thoughts on Seed Page and new Seed Thoughts in Pastor's Corner.

December 8, 2004 - New comics reviews.  New article published - "Reflections on the Death of Superman" in Sunday School Guide. Added "The International" to "Guys who got a short, but satisfying kiss on the lips from Olive" on the Lucky In Love Scoreboard on the Bluto Lists page.  Reviewed "National Treasure."

December 7, 2004 - Lots of newly formatted pages about Olive Oyl.  Movie review for Garfield. Three new Seed Thoughts, about Promises, Being Ready, and Angels.

November 15, 2004 - New Seed Thoughts added to main page.  Notice of new article I wrote is on Books and Articles page.

November 14, 2004 - New comic reviews added to Comics page.  Reformatted page containing reviews previously done this year (Comics 2004 page).  Comics are now separated by title!!  Enjoy!!

November 12, 2004 - 2 Popeye Alerts added - Request to email the BBC and notice of a Popeye Marathon on Boomerang!  Please check.  New Seed Thoughts added to Main Page.

November 11, 2004 - Lots of reformatting again.  Added Answers to Pop Music Quiz on Oldies page and updated the What Four info.  If links don't work or you can't see pictures or text, please email me and we will include your fix in our overall revamping of our site. Hope you enjoy the results!  Olive fans are especially directed to the "Olive is Beautiful" pages for some cool formatting stuff.  Pics look neat!!  New "Best Of Today" on Comics page.  Popeye fans, I have started a new discussion group in Yahoo!  Join me and others as we talk about the Famous Studios Popeye together!  New picture of Fred's book is on the Popeye Books page.  Also added, you can order Bud Sagendorf's book at  Movie reviews of "The Incredibles," "Cellular," and "Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow" are up on the Movie Review page.  New book reviews - James Bond: The Authorized Biography of 007 by John Pearson and Caves Of Steel by Isaac Asimov - are up on the Novel Notations page.

October 26, 2004 - Lots of reformatting on all pages.  General clean up and new introduction banners on all pages added.  Hope to soon be addin new content as well.  Enjoy!

October 22, 2004 - New Seed Thoughts added to Pastor's Corner.  Old one moved to Seed Thoughts page.

October 6, 2004 - New Seed Thoughts added to Pastor's Corner - Thoughts About Leaders and Thoughts About Faith.  Old ones moved to Seed Thoughts page.  Updated Conference/Seminar page.  Cincinnatti conference is completed so "Excellence in Small Church Ministry"is now available as well as other conferences - or create your own!

September 15, 2004 - New Seed Thoughts added to the Pastor's Corner on the main page. 

September 10, 2004 - Added new comic book reviews and reviews of Free Comic Book Day comics to my Comic Book page.  Reformatted Seed Thoughts page.  Thoughts now have titles and links.  Added new Seed Thought to Main Page.



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