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Imagine 326 new, full-service, two-way-mirror equipped, focus room facilities in 326 different cities spread across rural and urban America!

Then imagine each of these focus facilities coming with a swimming pool, spa, sauna, fitness center, restaurant, bar* and your sleeping rooms, all in one location, only a few miles from the airport! One-stop, unheard of CONVENIENCE!!!

Too much to believe?! IT'S TRUE!! And at about the same costs you have experienced from other focus facility vendors!!!

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Call us  TOLL-FREE AT 888-750-9714 for more details for your future focus facility and market research needs.

*Not available in 100% of the 326 cities.

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As a full-service agency, founded in 1960 we have conducted thousands of focus groups and research projects over 39 years of operation.

We can conduct your focus group in any city across the United States. We guarantee a professional, full service, worry-free, successful focus meeting.

Full Service, One-Stop-Focus Facility MPEG-4 - Video tape transfer
Wall-to-Wall, one-way mirror Digital equipment
Participant Room Capacity from 15 to 300 Video Taping
Client Viewing Room Capacity from 10 to 50 Audio taping
Spacious Reception Room Perception Analyzer
Comfortable Client Sitting Room Transcription
Moderator Available Tabulation & Reporting
Recruiting Analysis
On-Site Phone, Fax and e-mail  


Recruiting On-site phone Focus Groups
1/2 inch video taping On-site fax Executive interviews
2 way mirror On-site e-mail One on ones
Closed circuit TV Computerized exchange Jury panels
Remote monitoring Moderator available Mystery shops
Operator Internet Mall intercepts
VCR 24 hr. recruit Door-to-door
Monitor National International
Audio taping Rural Urban
Transcription Meals Computer Testing
Database Perception Meters Survey analysis

Mission Statement:

A full-service international consulting/survey/market research group. We conduct public-opinion polls, qualitative and quantitative surveying, market research analysis, field interviewing services, mall intercepts, focus-group specialists, computer group-responses systems, advertising-impact studies, location analysis, feasibility studies, competitive intelligence, political monitoring, public image development and strategic planning.


COMPANY ADDRESS  American Public Opinion Survey & Market Research Corporation 1320 South Minnesota Avenue Sioux Falls, SD 57105 USA 


Mr. Ron Van Beek 






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