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Hull in top 10 in fighting iodine deficiency

    Over 320,000 children who would have been born this year suffering from the effects of iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) are leading normal, healthy lives thanks to the generosity of Hull area residents who have contributed through the Hull Kiwanis Club.
    Over the last four years, Hull residents have donated more than $16,000 through the local Kiwanis club in an effort to eliminate from the world iodine deficiency disorders, the number one preventable cause of mental retardation for children and adults. That works out to $593 per member of the club, which is the eighth highest per member total among all Kiwanis clubs in the Nebraska-Iowa District.\
    “We are really proud and appreciative of our community. We think it speaks volumes for Hull when you see how this city’s generosity has compared with many much larger cities,” said Hull Kiwanis Club President Leroy Dykstra.
    The top 10 per member giving totals in the Nebraska-Iowa District are:
1. Lincoln Northeast $1,543
2. Des Moines Downtown $953
3. The 100th Meridian, Cozad $884
4. Highland Park $779
5. North Omaha $689
6. Lincoln Southeast $636
7. Lincoln Cornhusker $598
8. Hull $593
9. Sioux City-Morningside $505
10. Lexington Plumcreekers $476
    The elimination of iodine deficiency disorders is a goal of Kiwanis International in cooperation with UNICEF. Kiwanis International has pledged to raise $75 million world wide to banish these disorders from the face of the earth.
    UNICEF has reported that 85 million children will be born free of iodine deficiency disorders this year. Whole populations face reduced mental and physical capacity when they are iodine deficient. The lack of iodine causes a number of disorders ranging from goiters to cretinism to infant deaths by stillbirths.
    An individual needs only a total of one teaspoon of iodine in a lifetime to eliminate IDD. Kiwanis members around the world have made it possible for Kiwanis International to fund programs to iodize salt in more than 80 countries and areas around the world. These grants have helped UNICEF and others to create a global public health miracle. Millions of children and their families no longer have to fear the consequences of a lack of iodine in their diets because of the help provided by the men, women and youth of the Kiwanis family and the communities in which they live.
    Because of the global effort to wipe out IDD, it is now estimated that more than 70 percent of the world has access to iodized salt, the most practical vehicle for providing iodine in the diet.
    Kiwanis International is continuing to raise funds to help eliminate the threat of IDD in the 30 percent of the world still unprotected. Locally, the Hull Kiwanis Club has far exceeded its original goal of raising $250 per member for this cause. As a result, the club is no longer conducting an active fund-raising effort for IDD. However, if anyone would like to further contribute to this cause, the club would pass the donations on to the Nebraska-Iowa District and Kiwanis International. Any such donations should be directed to Hull Kiwanis Club Treasurer Loren Bouma.

Attend Mid-Year Conference

    Four members of the Hull Kiwanis Club attended the Nebraska-Iowa District Mid-Year Conference at Fremont, NE, on Saturday, Feb. 3. Leroy Dykstra, Dr. H. P. Bolks, Carolyn Goold and Russ Goold participated in this power conference designed to give Kiwanis members the enthusiasm and direction they need for their clubs to be visible, to grow and to enjoy what they do.

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